Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


27. The smile dropped and so did the flowers.

Justin was preforming when Sean called me. 

I hurried to the airport and took the first plane back home. 

I told Ariana to tell Justin after the show. 


Justin went off stage and walked to his dressing room. Ariana took a deep breath and walked towards him. 

Justin smiled. 


Justin: Hey Ariana, have you seen Sammy? 

Ariana: That's why i'm here.


Justin looked seriously at Ariana. 


Justin: What happened? 

Ariana: She left. 

Justin: back to the hotel? 

Ariana: No... Canada. 

Justin: What!? 

Ariana: Her mom got a heart attack. 

Justin: Is she okay? 

Ariana: I dont think so. 

Justin: I need to go after her.

Ariana: No, i promised her that i would keep you here for youre fans. She will be back soon. 

Justin: I need to know that she is okay!


Justin pulled on his shirt and walked outside. 


Sam: Hello?

Justin: Sammy!?

Sam: Before you say anything, i need to do this. and no. You have to stay. 

Justin: I want to go with you. 

Sam: I will be back soon, i promise. 


I hung up. 


I got to Canada and took a taxi to the hospital. 

I found Sean. 

I ran towards him and hugged him. 


Sam: Is she okay? 

Sean: She is in a koma. 

Sam: What happened? 

Sean: She was making soup and then she screamed. She turned around, looked at me and told me to call an ambulance, she fainted in my arms. 


Sean started to cry. 

I hugged him. 


Sam: She will be okay, she will come home again. 


Sean cried even more and hugged me tighter. 

I holded my arms around him tight. 


Sam: It will be okay. 


We got home. 


Sam: It's weird to be back. 

Sean: I cleaned your room. 


I kissed Sean on the cheek. 

I walked upstairs to my room and sat my bags. 


I walked dowstairs again and watched some tv with Sean. 

After a couple of hours Sean finally fell asleep. 

i walked upstairs and took his blanket. I covered him with it and walked up to my room again. 

I fell asleep fast and dreamed about Justin. 


He was hurt. 

Somebody was beating him up. 

There was blood everywhere. 

He screamed my name. 

He fell to the ground. 

He had big blue marks and his mouth was swollen. 


I woke up, crying. 


After two weeks with the same dream about Justin, i got scared. 


We had been to the hospital every single day since my mom got a heart attack. 


Sean: I will go get some tea. Want some? 

Sam: No thanks. 


Sean got back and we waited for the doctor. 

Suddenly it seemed like 100 doctors ran to our moms room. 


Sam: Sean i'm scared. 


Sean hugged me. 


Sean: Its okay to be scared. 


After a few hours, one of the doctors came out to us. 

He didnt look happy. 


Doctor: I'm so sorry. 


I knew in that minute that we had lost her. 

Behind the doctor i saw Justin walking towards us, with a smile in his mouth and flowers in his hands. 

But then we made eye contact. 

He knew. 

The smile dropped and so did the flowers. 

He ran towards me and saw Sean fall on his knees. Crying. 

He ran faster and grapped me just in time before i did the same. 

He took his arms around me and hugged me. 

My eyes was covered in tears. 

I grapped the back of his shirt. and wripped in it. 


Justin: I'm sorry.


I cried even more. 

i thought about the dream and my mom. 

What was we suppose to do now?


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