Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


18. Out of my life.

Believe tour continued... 

Justin looked at me. 


Justin(Whispering): Let's go cuddle.

Sam: We're almost in Germany?

Justin: So?


I walked with Justin into the bedroom. 

He got me down and kissed me on the neck. 

I moaned. 


Justin: Please?

Sam: Fine.. 


He pulled my shirt and bra off, and kissed me on the neck again. 

I felt Jerry getting hard and Justin bite his lip. 


He entered me and started moving a bit fast. 


Sam: Why so fast? 

Justin: We're almost in Germany, remember?

Sam: Oh, yeah. 


He came pretty fast, we didn't even get to switch position. 


Sam: Woaw, i really need to have sex with you a little more offen.

Justin: Yes please, cuz if you don't then it will be this fast every single time. 


I laughed and kissed him. 

I pulled my shirt and bra on again and walked to the bathroom. 


Justin: We're here. 

Sam: I went to the bathroom 7 minutes ago?

Justin: Yeah, but we're here. 


The bus stopped and we walked out. 

Behind us came Scooter and all the others cars. 


Alfredo: Sup.

Justin: Sup man.


Alfredo looked weird at Justins hair. 


Alfredo: What happend to our hair?


I got red in the face. 


Alfredo: Oh Okay. 

Justin: How was the car drive?

Alfredo: Cool, but i think it was pretty good for you too. 


Justin laughed and hugged Alfredo. 


Scooter: We're invited to a celeb party tonight in Berlin. 

Justin: Cool. 


Later on the evening, i found my pretty dress and put it on. 

I fixed my makeup and walked out to Justin. 

He was wearing a White shirt and red pants. 


Sam: Aren't you going to chance?

Justin: I did.

Sam: I mean, to some nice clothes. Maybe a suit?

Justin: Nah, i like it this way

Sam: Oh, Okay. 


We got to the party and there was a lot of celebs. 

I walked with Justin the hole time. 

My hand never left his. 


Justin: Hey Usher, This is my girlfriend Samantha. 


Usher looked at me and smiled.


Usher: Hello Samantha. 

Sam: Please, you can call me Sam. 

Usher: Sam. 


We stopped and talked to Alfredo and some of the dancers. 

When Selena walked towards us. (I LOVE SELENA, SO PLEASE NO HATE)


Justin looked at Scooter and whipered. 

Justin(Whispering): What is she doing her?

Scooter: She is here on tour too. 

Justin: Great. 


Selena smiled and hugged Scooter. 


Selena: Hello Scooter, nice to see you again. 


She looked at Justin and smiled. 


Selena: Hey Justin. 

Justin: Hey Selena. 


Selena looked at me and smiled. 


Selena: So who is this?

Justin: This is my girlfriend Samantha. 

Sam: Hello. 


She stopped smiling and looked mad at me. 


Selena: Hello. 


and then she walked away. 


Sam: I don't like her.

Justin: She is okay. 

Sam: She worries me. 

Justin: She is out of my life, don't think more about it.

Sam: Okay. 


i walked with some of the girl dancers and they were a lot of fun. 


Kitty: Are you okay?


I looked at Justin. He was talking to Selena and Alfredo. 


Sam: Yeah, i'm fine.

Kitty: If it helps, then he has never been smiling more then when he started dating you. 

Sam: Thanks, it helps a little bit. 


Later i was standing alone, because Justin was getting us something to drink. 

Selena walked towards me. 


Selena: Soo... How is Justin?

Sam: He is great. 

Selena: Are you sure? our break up, took hard on him. 

Sam: Yeah, he is great. 

Selena: So does he ever talk about me?

Sam: No. Never. 


Selena got closer. 


Selena: Maybe it's time for you to go home now. 

Sam: What do you mean?

Selena: I mean go back to Canada. 

Sam: Why should i?

Selena: Because he still loves me. 

Sam: Yeah right. 

Selena: Fine, dont believe me. But i will get him back and then you will be the ex, he lies about. 


Selena walked away. and Justin walked towards me. 


Justin: What did Selena want?

Sam: She just said Hello. 

Justin: Oh. okay. 


He gave me the glass and kissed me. 


When we got back to the hotel we were at, Justin looked at me. 


Justin: I'm sorry. I didn't know she was going to be there.

Sam: It's okay. 




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