Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


31. LA.

Dave (yelling): I think that was everything! How are you doing up there Sugar Flower!?

Sam:(yelling): I'm done!


Dad came up and smiled.


Dave: It looks good.

Sam: Thanks.

Dave: Camile will be home soon. 

Sam: Cool.


He walked downstairs again. 


I hang my pictures of my family up on my wall.  

I loved that one picture of me, my mom and Sean. We were so happy that day, i just finished high school and everything was perfect.


I smiled.


Sam: I miss you guys. 


i sat a picture of me and Justin on my table besides my bed. I wouldnt give that picture up for anything. We were in a pool. Justin was hugging me from behind, kissing my cheek. 

I always smiled thinking about that. 


After a couple of minutes, Camile came home.

I heard her huggin dad.


Camile: You're home! I've missed you so much. 

Dave: I have a present for you.


I walked downstairs.

Camile smiled at me. 


Camile: Who is this?

Dave: That's your big sister. Samantha. 


I smiled 


Sam: Hey, you must be Camile.


She smiled, ran towards me and hugged me. 


Camile: I've always wanted a sister.


Dad smiled and walked away. 


Camile: Where is you're room?

Sam: Here.


i ponited at the door to my room.

She smiled.


Camile: Wanna see my room?

Sam: Sure. 


She opened the door to her room.


Sam: Woaw!

Camile: Yeah i love him so much.


Her room was covered in Justin Bieber stuff, there wasn't a spot without a poster or pillow or something. 


Sam: It's... uhm... pretty. 


I started to miss him even more. 


Camile: It's so crazy, that he live here in LA. 

Sam: Yeah, but he isn't home right now, is he?

Camile: He will be in 3½ months.

Sam: Why?

Camile: It's his relax time.


I just had to survive the next 3½ months.


Camile: Can i see your room?

Sam: Yeah, ofcourse.


We walked into my room and the first thing she saw was the pictures of my family.


Camile: Is that your mom?

Sam: Yeah, she died 2 months ago. 

Camile: Oh i'm sorry.

Sam: It's okay.

Camile: and who is that?


I smiled


Sam: It's our brother. Sean. He lives in New York.

Camile: He is hot!

Sam: Yeah. 


She walked around and saw the picture on my little table besides my bed. 

She screamed.


Sam: Why are you screaming?

Camile: Have you meet Justin Bieber?

Sam: Yeah. 


She turned around and looked at me. 


Camile: I knew i had seen you before!

Sam: What?

Camile: Samantha. Sammy. Sam. You're Justin's girlfriend!

Sam: Not anymore and please dont call me Sammy. 

Camile: Why what happened? 

Sam: Believe tour. But it's okay, i want him to be happy.

Camile: Did you guys have sex?


I looked at the floor and laughed.


Camile: Omg you have! 

Sam: Maybe. 


I walked to the bathroom and locked the door. 



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