Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


14. I'm ready.

We made it to our room. When i disited.

We Cuddled for a While.

I started to kiss him on the neck and pushed my hand Down his pants.

Justin (moaning): Sammy... We can't..

Sam: i'm ready.

Justin: are You sure?

Sam: i'm sure.

After a While he Got hard.

He started to kiss my neck. Slowly.

Justin: are You 100% sure?

Sam: Yes. I'm sure.

He entered me. Slowly.

Justin: are You okay?

Sam: yeah. I'm fine. It just hurts a little bit, But its also amazing. Keep going.

He started to move.

He lay on top of me.

I started to scratching his back and moan.

It felt so great.

He neck kissed me and Moaned.

I felt him grinding.

I pulled a little bit in his hair.

Justin: Do you want to try?

Sam: try what?

Justin: being on top

We rolled around.

I looked Down at Justin.

He was sweating.

I sat on top of him and started to move.

He closed his eyes.

Justin (moaning): oh god.

He hold my hips and licked his lips.

It felt so good.

I moved a bit faster and he Moaned louder.

Justin (moaning): are You sure You haven't done this before?

Sam (moaning): yes. Why?

Justin (moaning): You're just so good at it.

I started to Moan louder and moved faster.

Our body's Were filt With sweat.

Justin: Can We try Another One?

Sam: sure

He lifted me up and carried my up against the Wall.

He started moving again.

Sam (moaning): Oh yeah.

Justin (moaning): You make me so horny.

I started to scratch his back again and moaned.

He pushed his hands on the Wall and moved faster and a bit harder.

Justin (moaning): Are... You... Okay?

He was out of breath.

Sam: i'm great.

We moved back to the bed and lay on our sides.

Justin lay behind me and moved faster and faster.

Justin(moaning): i'm coming.

He just kept on going.

Until he came.

Sweaty and out of breath.

We just lay and Cuddled until We both fell asleep.

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