Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


36. I'm Inlove.

It was a wedding, so I took my blue stropløsse tylt dress on and ran downstairs.

I looked around for some shoes. The only shoes I could see was some white high-heeled ... I just couldn't find my all stars ....

a friend drove me to the wedding.

I walked around in the big house where the wedding was happening, until I found a door, I sneak a peek into the room. Selena and a lot of her friends stood and fiddled with her ​​dress.
I looked down and kept on searching. 


I found another door and sneaked a peek. Justin stood there, along with Sean, Ryan, Alfredo and his father Jeremy.
I heard them talking.

Jeremy: You look so handsome Justin.
Alfredo: Selena will love this suit.


Justin looked down at the floor.


Justin: I guess.
Ryan: What is wrong?
Justin: Nothing, hey guys. can i get the last 30 minutes alone?
Jeremy: Sure, but remember. We will support you no matter what.


'The boys went out and Justin sat down on a bench.
He took his phone out and looked at it.
I could barely see what he was doing on his phone.

He was looking at his pictures of us on his iphone.... 


Justin: Sammy... 


I walked inside. 


Sam: You look good. 


He looked up and smiled.


Justin: Sammy


He got up and hugged me. 


Justin: Wow, you looked like a lady.

Sam: I couldn't find my all stars.

Justin: It's okay. You look good in heels. 


I blushed. 


Justin: You look beautiful. 

Sammy: Thanks. 

Justin: I ment to call you. 

Sam: Yeah, me too. 

Justin: I need to tell you something. 

Sam: What?

Justin: I'm inlove. 


It felt like my heart exploded. 


Sam: Oh... I hope you two is going to be very happy together. 

Justin: Yeah, that's kinda the problem.

Sam: Why? you just said you were inlove?

Justin: I am


I looked down.
He took his hand on my chin and lifted my head up.
He smiled.


Justin: I'm inlove with you.


He put both his hands on each of my cheeks and looked into my eyes.

Justin: I love you Sammy.

He kissed me.
i wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tight.


He stopped and looked at me. 


Justin: It hasnt been the same,kissing Selena. 


A tear rolled down my cheek. 


Sam: Don't marry her. 


Justin didn't say anything, he just looked down. 


Sam: I love you too. 


He looked up and kissed me again. 


Justin: I know Sammy. But there is something i need to do. See you downstaris. 


My heart broke. The tears rolled down my cheeks. 

I walked downstairs and sat down on one of  the last chairs.


Justin walked into the room, where Selena was. 


Justin: I need to speek to Selena. Alone.

Demi: Are you going to be okay?


Selena smiled.


Selena: Yes. 


The girls walked out and Selena looked at Justin. 


Justin: I need to tell you something.

Selena: Sure

Justin: I cheated on you. 

Selena: What?


She started crying. 


Selena: Did it mean something?


Justin looked down. 


Selena: Did it mean something to you Justin?


He looked up.


Justin: Yes. 

Selena: Do you love me?

Justin: Yes. 

Selena: Then let's get married and talk about this later.


Justin walked downstairs and the wedding started. 

Justin walked down the aisle.

I just sat there looking at his back walking towards the priest. 

The tears rolled silence down my cheeks. 


He turned around and looked right at me. 

He made those i'm sorry eyes. 

I looked right at them and shaked my head.

He looked down. 

The music started. 

Selena walked down the aisle.

She really looked beautiful. 

She got up to Justin and held his hand.

Everything went silence. 


I only listened when the priest said a few things.


Priest: Will you Selena Marie Gomez take Justin Drew Bieber  to your beloved husband? Will you love and honor him, help him and support him in sickness and in heath?

Selena: I do. 


The priest looked at Justin. 


Priest: and will you Justin Drew Bieber take Selena Marie Gomez  to your beloved wife? Will you love and honor her, help her and support her in sickness and in heath?


Everything went silence. 

Justin didnt answer, he let go of Selena's hand and looked at her. 


Justin: I'm sorry Selena, i'm still inlove with Sam. 


He ran down the aisle and grapped my hand. We ran to his car and drove away. 



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