Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


28. Hello Again.

The seconds past.

then the minutes. 

they became hours 

and then days were gone. 


We were alone in the big house, our mom ones walked though. 

Is felt so empty without her. 

I didnt really talk to Sean or Justin. 

I slept alot. 

finally i didnt have that nightmare. 

I woke up, when i heard the door smash.


Voice: Hello again! 


I knew that voice. 

I pulled on my onepiece and ran downstairs.

There he was. 

The man who has apart of giving me life. 

My dad, Dave. 


Dave: Hey sugar flower and Batman!


He always called me sugar flower, and then i think you know what he called Sean :D

Sean: Dad? 

Dave: Woaw! you've got muscles Batman!

Sean: Yeah?


My dad smiled and hugged me.


Dave: My little sugar flower!

Sam: Dad, i'm 18... 

Dave: are you serious? The last time i saw you, you were...

Sam: 8 yeah. You havent seen me in 10 years. 

Dave: i ment to call, just didnt have the time. 

Sean: Its fine dad. Its good to see you. 


My dad looked at Justin, he just stood next to sean and smiled. 


Dave: What are you doing here? 


Justin stepped forward.


Justin: Hello Dave. 


My dad made a mad face and looked weird at justin. 


Dave: Hello Justin. 


My dad never liked Justin, but i didn't know it was that bad. 


My dad was making us dinner, together with Sean. Justin and me were upstairs playing COD.


Dave: What do you think they are doing up there? 

Sean: They prob, play Call of duty.

Dave: And that is? 

Sean: It's a video game. 

Dave: Do you think they kiss? 


Sean looked weird at dad. 


Sean knew that if dad knew about us, he would get jealous and be a totaly jerk.


Sean: Nah, i dont think so. Justin is 1½ years older. 

Dave: Yeah, you're prob right. 


We were kissing. 

I was laying on top off Justin and we were making out. 


Sean came up. 

Justin had his hand up under my shirt. 


Sean: Hey guys, dinner is... 


He stopped, because he saw Justin's hand toching my boob under my shirt. 

He walked closer and pushed Justin off of me, so he fell on the ground. 


Sean: Way over line. 


I laughed. 


Sean: Dinner is ready. 


Justin looked up.


Justin: What the fuck, dude? 

Sean: That's my little sister. Don't grab her boob. 

Justin: She is my girlfriend. 

Sean: She is too young for that kinda stuff. 


Justin got up and stood face to face with Sean.


Justin: Oh really? 


I got in between them and tried to push Sean away. 


Sam: Sean, stop. 

Sean: Yeah really. She is an innocent little girl. 


Sean turned his back to us and opened the door.


Justin: She isn't as innocent as you think. 


Sean stopped, closed the door again and looked at Justin.


Sean: What did you just say?

Justin: You heard me. 

Sean: She is a virgin, that's innocent. 

Justin: Oh well. 


I tried to push Sean away again. 


Sam: Guys stop! Just leave it! 

Justin: We had sex. 

Sean: Fuck off. 

Justin: more then 8 times. 

Sean: Motherfucker. 

Justin: I was inside her, and it felt great.


I just stood there, looking down. 


"BANG" and then Justin was on the floor again.


Sean walked downstairs and Justin was still on the floor. He was bleeding. 

I looked down at him.


Sam: Omg! You're lip! 


I flied down and covered it with my shirt.


Justin: I'm okay. 

Sam: No, you're bleeding!

Justin: I said i'm fine! Just leave it sam!


I stopped and looked scared at Justin. 


He got up and walked downstairs. 


I sat on the floor for a while. Just starring at the floor. 

After a couple of minutes i got up and walked downstairs to eat. 



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