Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


5. Goodbye Mom.

Thank you CecilieJestrupBobzinChristiansen for all your help:D



Justin: Strike! 

Sean: How can you do that every time?

Justin: I'm the king, but really i don't know. 


Sean laughed.


Justin: I win. 

Sean: Let's go to the bar. 

Justin: yeah

Sean: But how will we buy beer? we're not 21...

Justin: What are you talking about, i'm Justin Bieber!


Sean rolled his eyes and Justin orded 2 beers. 


Sean: So when are you guys leaving? 

Justin: Tomorrow morning. 

Sean: Did you guys pack? 

Justin: Yeah, and Sam is packing right now i guess. 


When they got home, i had finshed packing. 


i watched some TV. 

Justin: Hey babe.


I looked at him, and smiled. 


Sam: Heey 


He sat down besides me and kissed me. 


Justin: Are you ready to go tomorrow? 

Sam: As ready as i can be.


Sean looked at me. 


Sean: Don't forget that i'm coming withy you guys for 2 days. 



Sean made sure that Justin slept in his room, but Justin cuddled with me until i fell asleep. 


I woke up the next morning, because of the sun. It binded me. 

I looked around, every thing was so quiet. 

I remembered... 

I had to get up and get ready for the tour, sometimes i wished i could just lay down and enjoy the moment. 


Justin: Sammy!??!


I heard Justin yell my name from downstairs. 

I got up and looked around for some of the clothes i didn't pack. 

I found some tight light blue jeans and a dark blue hoddie and took it on. I smashed some mascara on and got my hair up in a big messy bumb thing. 

I walked downstairs and looked around, Justins crew were putting all our stuff out to the bus. 

A man came over to me and smiled. 


Man: Hey, my name is Kenny, and i'm Justin's bodyguard. 

I smiled. 

Sam: Hey I'm Sam, Justin's girlfriend. 


Kenny smiled even more and gave me a little punsh on  the shoulder. 


Justin walked towards me and started smiling. 


Justin: Hey babe.

He kissed me, and pulled me even closer. Sean sar us and ran over towards us. 


Sean: I think that's enough kissing for now. 


We stopped and i gave Sean the dead look. 


Sean: What? 

Sam: You're such an asshole. 


I walked outside to talk to my mom .

She was crying.


Sam: Mom? are you okay?

Miranda: Yeah, sweetie i'm good. 


I hugged her. 


Sam: I will be okay mom, don't worry. 

Miranda: I know baby, i know

Sam: Then why are you crying? 

Miranda: Because i'm going to miss you so much.


I started crying along. 


Sam: I will miss you too mom, i will miss you every single day. 

Miranda: I will be on facebook every single day, so we can chat okay?

Sam: Yeah, i'd like that. 


We hugged mom goodbye and Sean and almost everybody else got into the cars. 

I looked back and sar my mom and Justin huggin. 

I heard her talk to Justin. 


Miranda: Good luck Justin. 

Justin: Thanks Miranda.

Miranda: Take good care of my babies. 

Justin: I will, i promise. 


I smiled and we walked into the tour bus. 

It was really big and it had everything in it. 

Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet and livingroom. 


I was looking forward to a hole year in this bus together with Justin. 







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