Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


11. Cuddled my Way up.

I had been drinking alot.

We Cuddled and splashed at each other.

Justin: Sammy? I'm getting water in my mouth.

Sam: here let me Help You.

I Swam towards Justin and tongue kissed it away.

Sam: better?

Justin: Hmm, Lets try that again.

I laughed and kissed him again.

Justin: Why are You being so loveable?

Sam: I dont know, because i feel like it

Justin Kissed me again.

Sam: Did We get over room yet?

Justin: Yeah, a suite.. Why? Wanna go and unpack?

Sam: I feel like cuddling

Justin: Then Lets go cuddle.

We Walked up stairs, and lay in the bed.

Justin: WOAW, You smell like alcohol, how much did You drink?

Sam: Enough

I smiled and Cuddled my Way on top of him.

Justin: Hmm, i like this

Sam: yeah, me too

I started making out With him, and pulled him a little bit in his hair.

Justin Moaned.

I started kissing him on the neck, Nice and slow.

He Moaned even louder

I whispered in his Ear.

Sam (Whispering): I want You

I felt Jerry getting harder.

I Moaned and looked at Justin

Sam: Is this okay?

Justin: yeah, hmmm

I Lay Down and started Rubbing on Jerry until Justin started Moaning.

I pushes my hand Down his pants and started Rubbing again.

Justin: Pull him out.

I kissed him on the neck again and pulled Jerry out.

He started getting hard and i kept on neck kissing.

He stopped me and looked Down.

Justin: You Got me all Worked up

Sam: so?

Justin: My Turn.

I laughed and lay Down With Justin on top of me.

He started to neck kiss me While toughting my boobs.

I Moaned and he slided his hand Down my bikini buttom.

He started fingering me.

I moaned and he just kept on going.


He stopped and looked at me.

Justin: We can't.

Sam: What?

Justin: This is wrong.

Sam: How is this wrong? I made You Horny, and now i'm Horny. It means We should fuck.

Justin: I promised your brother, that i wouldn't Take your virginaty when You Were drunk and not ready.

Sam: But i'm ready.

Justin: Maybe You are, But i'm not going to make love to You, While You are drunk.

Sam: fine. And its Called fucking! Not making love.

Justin: You have our word i have mine. Exuse me. I have to get this boner to go away.

I Got mad when i sar him walking to the bathroom. I knew what he was going to do.

I didn't wait for him to finish. I just fell a sleep and didn't notice he came back a little While later.

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