Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight

She never thought it would be this hard to
He didn't mean to hurt her.
Before her there was no future.
The fellings got bigger.
They fell.

But a wise woman once told me...
Everything that falls breaks.

Will they fall to hard?
Will they still love each other even though there is alot of trouples?

I won't give you up.


6. Believe tour.

Justin: What are you doing? 

I looked at him and pulled my headphones out of my ears. 

Sam: Listning to some music.

He smiled. 

Justin: Who's music? 

Sam: Your music.

Justin bide his under lip. 

Justin: What song? 

Sam: All that matters. 

Justin looked at me and started singing. 

Justin (Singing):You're all that matters to me
Yeah yeah, ain't worry about nobody else
If it ain't you, I ain't myself
You make me complete
You're all that matters to me 


He kissed me and smiled. 

I smiled back and put my headphones back in my ears. 


I fell asleep on Justin's shoulder. 


I woke up, when Justin started moving. 


Sam: Don't leave. 

Justin sat down again. 

Justin: I never will. 

Sam: Hmm.. 

I moved closer and smiled. 

i fell asleep agian. 




I woke up at 6 PM all alone. 

I walked outside to look, i sar a woman and walked towards her. 

Sam: Excuse me? 

The lady turned around and looked at me. It was Pattie. 

She started smiling and ran towards me and hugged me. 


Pattie: Hey Sam! It's so good to see you again! 

Sam: OMG Hey Pattie! 


She stopped huggin and looked at me. 

Sam: Where is Justin? 

Pattie: He just finished practicing, and went with Sean out to get some dinner, they will bring you some too. 

Sam: thanks, i'm so hungry. 

Pattie: i bet they will be here in  10 min, but i have to go now, see you soon Sweetie. 

and then she ran away. 


I watched some TV inside the bus, when Justin and Sean came back. 

Justin: Oh good, you're up. 

he kissed me and sat down beside me. 


Sean: We have a McChicken menu for you sis. 

I loved McChicken. I just smiled. 


Sam: Thanks. 

Justin smiled and gave it to me. 


After dinner Justin and i just lay in bed and cuddled, when Scooter came in. 

Scooter: Justin, it's almost showtime. 

Justin: Alright cool. 

Scooter walked away closed the door. 


Justin: I have to go. 

Sam: Now? 

Justin: Yeah, but you can come with me. 

Sam: Behind the scene? 

Justin: Yeah, where else? 

Sam: I dont know. 


We got up. Justin took a black hoddie and some sunglasses on and gave me the same stuff. 

Sam: What are these for? 

Justin: I don't want my beliebers to attack us. 

Sam: Don't you love them? 

Justin: I love them so much, they are my second family. 

Sam: Then why are we hidding?

Justin: Because we have to get to the back and we can't if they see me and starts following me. 

I just smiled and kissed him on the cheek. 


I looked at all the beliebers standing in the rain, waiting for the doors to the arena open, they were crying, screaming, laughing and yelling. 

I realised that Justin was a really special person, cuz if he wasn't then all those people would me crying. 


We got in and i sar all the hard working people, running around. 

Scooter ran towards us. 

Scooter: Justin! 1 hour! 

Justin: I know. 


Justin showed me around and we ended up in his wardrobe. 

I sar all his clothes, it was amazing to see all his stuff. 

I remembered when i started listning to Justin Music and i fangirled. 


Scooter walked in 

Scooter: 15 min! 

and then he walked out again. 

I heard all the fans screaming.



It was an amazing sound.

Justin looked at me. 

Justin: I have to get my clothes on. 

Sam: Do you want me to leave? 

Justin: No, stay. 

Sam: There is nothing i haven't seen before

Justin smiled and pulled of his shirt. 


i loved that sixpack and the tattoos. 

Sam: You are so sexy. 

Justin smiled and walked towards me. 

Justin: Wanna feel it? 

I toughed it and kissed him on the neck. 

Justin stopped me. 

Justin: Don't do that.

Sam: Why? 

Justin: It turns me on so bad, and i can't be horny right before the show. 


I laughed and kissed him on the neck again, he moaned and i stopped. 

He looked mad at me. 

Sam: Get your clothes on! 

Justin: Oh yeah. 


He pushed his pants off and just stood there, only wearing boxers. 


He got the white "suit" on and the sunglasses. 

He looked at me and smiled. 


Justin: Done

Sam: well... 

Justin smiled and walked towards me, but when he started kissing me and pulled me closer. Scooter came in. 


Scooter: Justin! 30 seconds. 


Justin pulled me with him to the back of the stage and kissed me 

Sam: Good luck baby! 

Justin kissed me again and ran to the stage. 


I heard the beliebers scream and the wings fly down.

Justin started singing All around the world and the beliebers screamed so loud. 


One less lonely girl came on and Pattie came over to me. 


Pattie: Will you help me? 

Sam: With what? 

Pattie: We have to find the one less lonely girl. 

I smiled and Pattie pulled me with her. 


We found a beautiful belieber with a shirt on saying "I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER" 

Pattie: Go ask her.

I smiled and walked towards her. 


I poked her and she looked happy at me. 

Sam: What's your name? 

Belieber: Carol

Sam:Carol Do you want to be the one less lonely girl? 

She started crying and hugged me. 

Carol: YES! 


We followed her to the stage and she were still crying and hugged me again.



I smiled and wiped her tears away. 


The dancers came out and pulled her out on the stage. 


I saw how he hugged her and gave her the flower crown and kissed her cheek. 

It was amazing. 


After the show, Justin took a shower and we just lay in bed and cuddled most of the night.


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