Its a three day diary of the end of the world


1. Monday ,4th of August




                                                        The Perfect plan   


It was an Ordinary day.Except it wasn't  .  It was a normal lesson. Except it wasn't .  The only thing is , Daniel's planet had been in war with the Nercomian for three years now. No day had been ordinary. Now , instead of Trigonomitry , they were learning what to do if the Nercomian invade the school which actually housed one-fifth of the population .  So far ,they'd tried three times , but never got far ,since their principal , Mr. Harthrow , was getting out the Ballistae every time they tried, and even they wouldn't go near an angered 

guy with Roman siege weapons.  Well today, was no ,  different  . We were learning fencing , and since now we need a border patrol around the school, our class 

got to learn how to use the Ballistae , which even though it sounds interesting , is ,the , most, boring, thing, EVER!!!! well lets see how it goes tommorow

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