Fake Love Notes

Delanie Luv is an eighteen year old girl looking for love. Once she finds it will it be taken away just like that?


2. The Start Of Revenge

"What do you expect for us to do?  I mean really?  I've tried getting back at them!.....  He's still with Krystal.  I cant win.  Ill never win!"  Vivianne exclaimed.  She had been bullied by my bullies ever since she came here to live with my family, due to our parents getting married. 


Poor thing.  I feel bad for her.  It's because of me that these girls are doing this to her.  Once I met her, we became friends.  We talked about music, video games, and being in love.  Turns out, she thought she'd never meet someone to.


"Well we cant just let them get away with it!" I exclaimed. 


I normally don't raise my voice at anyone, but this time I found it was more important to do so.  No longer will My family, friends, strangers, and even I be pushed around by those idiots!  They think they can get or do what ever they want by just batting their eyes.  What's sad is they probably could.  But, for those of us who can't just do that, for those of us who aren't known as beautiful but on the inside....  I feel a rebellion boiling up in my blood.


The media and those who believe in it tell others what they should think.  They believe that they need to be what the media says in order to be beautiful so that they aren't lonely all their life, like they believe.  But for those of us who don't have a problem with who, and what they are, they find people just like them easily.


We need no labels to explain our personality.  We, the old fashioned, need face to face confrontation and love.  Not some texted hearts and smiley faces that show nothing but meaningless emotions of another love.


For us, we don't need to show off our boobs, and other body parts that others think they need to show to get someone to even look at them.  For us, we need friends to be on our side.  Those who have at least felt how we felt for a long time.  How people show their love for us by hate, while we stand there and take it, we know that those who give rudeness, thier lives are worse than ours.  We know this.


For those girls that think that they're everything; the girls that cake their faces with make up and other beauty products, are more than a little uncofortable with their own body.  They make fun of those who are happy with the way they look because they can never be happy with them selves.  They're blind by fake beauty instead of real.


I feel pity for those girls that seem to have everything yet have nothing.  They have sex and kiss for money or popularity because they feel lonely.  They try to get love the only way that they think they can instead of finding someone that truely love them for who they are.  For these girls, I'm sad. 


I believe there's someone out there for everyone.  You only get the love you deserve, and no one deserves to be beaten.  No one deserves to be put out there on a corner to be bought.


For Vivianne.  I want her to leave that guy.  The one that left her for another.  He left her once, how do we know he wont leave her again?  Maybe it's my untrusting heart, but I believe there is someone else out there for her.


Knowing all of this.  I've decided to tell Vivianne about my plan.  "We'll need our friends.  Trustworthy ones like Lexi or Lilo."


"Yes.  I am nervous about this 'revenge'.  It doesn't feel right to stoop down to their level." Vivianne said.


"You're right.  It's immature and rude, but....  Will they stop if we dont?  Will they be the same to the next person that comes here, to the school?"


With knowing the consequences about this plan.  We agreed to do everything in our power to get revenge on them.  To cut the mean part out of their dark hearts.  Hopefully, this will work.  And if not and than they now know to never mess with the Luv girls.

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