Fake Love Notes

Delanie Luv is an eighteen year old girl looking for love. Once she finds it will it be taken away just like that?


4. Step One

The school was full of chatter from the students.  I could see Krystal and her two friends Adrianna, and Veronica.  Honestly, I suspect that those are the only people who would ever talk to her.  Other than guys who just want to get lucky.


Krystal has a reputation if you didn't already know.  She is known throughout the school as "The Whore", "Stardust", and even "Bertha" for her looks without make up plastered all over her face. To my knowledge, she's just a bunch of talk and never puts out.


She also enjoys drama for what ever reason.  Close to every day she would be crying in the restroom, or creating trouble for someone who didn't deserve it.  I've never talked to her, other than when she's being a jerk, but I have heard her say to her friends, "If someone causes trouble for you, create some for them."  I can't wait till she sees her words being thrown back at her.  She's pretty dumb though so probably not.


You know, she wasn't always this way.  There was one point when we would hang out.  Then she went to some other school, and came back.  I think it's simple to see what happened to her; she's easily manipulated and follows the top dog until she thinks she is one.  Which of course isn't true.  To put it in simpler terms: followers follow followers.  I guess that's a bit confusing though.


"You ready?" Vivianne said.

"Ya." I answered.  I looked over to Lexi.

"Lets destroy this bitch." Lexi said.  Her voice sounded monotone as it did almost every morning.


Lexi yawned and stumbled over to the cafeteria door.  Krystal and her friends where across the room, and very visible.  How she never saw this coming Ill never know.  What I do know is, it was funny.  It's funny how even though she was so close to us, she didn't notice Lexi, who put a bucket of ice cold water at the top of the door.


A rope hung from it and Lexi stood there to keep it steady.  Once the bell rang and people where starting to go to class, she walked out, thankfully last.  Lexi pulled the rope and the water spilt everywhere!  The trash cans, the floor, some peoples shoes But best of all Krystal was soaked.  Even better Lexi didn't even get caught.  She may be outgoing but she can blend into the shadows when she needs to.


Krystal didn't take it lightly.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, "FIND OUT WHO DID THIS!" and the staff of the school followed 'her majesties' orders.


I honestly never seen someone so mad before.  She dried her hair with the automatic dryers but it did close to nothing for her now frizzy and curly hair that seemed untamed and hard to manage.


Later that day she came up to me asking if I saw anyone.  I told her no and that I was no where close to the person.  She didn't believe me and I got blamed.  But with the way my new mother is she didn't take that.  Of course I feel bad about lieing to my mom but Krystal needs to be taken care of.



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