Fake Love Notes

Delanie Luv is an eighteen year old girl looking for love. Once she finds it will it be taken away just like that?


3. Gathering Friends

The next day at school my friends Lexi Knight, Lilo Lorance, Kokoa Mikuzo, and Lilirose Maiflower got a piece of paper from Vivianne and me.  It said to go to our old hiding place: The witch cemetery on route twenty three, deep in the woods next to it.  Vivianne also got her best friend from New York, Callie Amster, to come as well.  Of course she had to skype us since we lived so far away. 


Around five o'clock we all met up.  We gathered by an old oak tree that seemed to stand up past the clouds.  We went under it into a giant hole hidden under some old leaves we left a couple years ago.  We went into it.


It had a few chairs, about one or two, in it that I've forgotten about.  There where also things that I've been looking for since last spring that I couldn't find.


"Remember this?" Lexi said looking at me and Lilo.  We both laughed.

"That old thing?" Lilo chuckled.  I joined in and so did Lexi.


"Ok!" Lilirose said, "We're hear to get revenge on those bitches remember?"


"Oh ya!" Lexi said with a smirk on her lips, "I forgot."  Lilirose rolled her eyes.  They got along, yet never did.  I guess you could call them frenemies.  If there is such a thing.


"So what are we going to do?" Callie asked over the phone.


"Well," Vivianne said, "We have a plan for Krystal and her friends.  As you all know, they're very rude, reckless, obnoxous,--"


"Get on with it." Lilirose said.  She was never to friendly to newer people of the group.


"Well before I was interrupted by one of their henchmen." Vivianne said making note of her distaste for Lilirose.  "Delanie and I have discussed mini revenges leading up to one giant one.  N-nothing to harsh, just something that will make them never mess with people they dont really know.  Something that says, 'Ya, Im new, that doesn't mean you can do this shit to me!'  Im sorry if this don't make any sense Im really bad at explaining things."


"Oh, no!  You're fine."  Lilo said with a smile, and as always trying to make up for her best friends rudeness towards Vivianne.


"Maybe we should start with small pranks."  Kokoa suggested.


"Like water buckets on doors?" Lilirose said rolling her eyes.


"Actually" Delanie said, "That's exactly what we should do."


"Ya." Lexi chimed in, "It will lead up to the most amazing thing ever, don't cha think?" She looked at Lilirose who just looked the other way in disgust.


"So we all agree then?" Vivianne asked, making sure that every one was on the same page. Every one said ya.  Vivianne looked at Lilirose who said nothing. "Lilirose what do you think."


"Pfft!  Whatever."


With this, we decided to take action on the next day.....

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