Fake Love Notes

Delanie Luv is an eighteen year old girl looking for love. Once she finds it will it be taken away just like that?


1. Delanie Luv

Ever since I was little, Ive been a shy person.  I had also been the type of person to never betray my friends, family, or anyone else that they would count as a friend.  I would never lie, nor steal.  I would be as kind as I could be to anyone, even if they didn't deserve such kindness.  I'm what you would call a good girl.  The shy girl that half of the people around me don't trust because of the lack of conversations she holds, but still thinks that I'm worthy to be trusted.


Of course, my life at home is much different than my life at school.  My home life is safer.  No one is rude, no one hits me; it's like a haven.  My sister, Theresa, is always working.  She helps my dad pay the bills after my mom died.  She died while giving birth to me.  This is very rare to happen; and of course, would happen in my life.  I know this will sound horrible but, I dont really miss my mom.  I never knew her, but the way my father and sister talk about her, she seems like she used to be a great person.  My dad told me, "Love is the greatest thing in the world; once you have it never through it back into the ocean for the other fish to have."


One day, these words broke my heart, and the shattered pieces remained for years afterwards.  I was in sixth grade at the time.  I walked into the classroom and found my 'true love'.  Of course Ive always had crushes even in elementary school but this was different.  He had the most beautiful emerald green eyes that sparkled like a dimand after being polished and taken out into the sun.  His smile was crooked and his teethe where straight.  His dark brown hair that layed flat on the top of his head just barely covering his eyes. 


He was always joking around, and was always kind to just about anyone he came across.  Even me, which was a rare sight to see.  He always talked to me for some reason.  He made me smile and laugh.  And for once I was truly happy to see someone smile whenever I was around, instead of saying "Go away" he just smiled.  He was the second person I truly trusted after that.  He was the second person that broke down my brick wall from people.  He was the person that introduced to me to one of my friends, Lilo Lorance.


I had always liked him, but was to afraid to say anything to him about it in fear of rejection.  I had been rejected by ten guys, all of whom I asked out to see a movie or something.  Being rejected that many times made me think that I was ugly.  That Id be lonely for ever and no one would ever find me attractive in any way as I saw them.  Thinking I knew this would be my fate, and thinking he'd say no, made me not ask him out.  In my mind, there was no point to keep crushing my heart more and more.


One day, around seventh grade, I got  a love note.  It was written in ink that Ive seen before; it was his pan!  It was his hand writing!  And, it had all the misspelled words that wrote all the time in our notes that we passed during class.  I was so happy.  I didnt even think it wasn't him or he was messing with me.  I didn't even think about it would be for another person.


I smiled running to the site where he had said to go, to the bench by the trees with pink flowers.  I went there with thoughts of how happy we'd be together.  I ran out there and waited for four hours before giving up. 


These girls Ive never seen before and him, where laughing at me.  I couldn't believe how much of a fool I had been.  To believe someone would love me as much as I did them?  I was blinded by my own lies and feelings.  The walls surrounding my heart went back up.  Thicker, stronger, and harder to brake down than before.


Of course, by then I had become very close with some of his friends.  One by the name of Lexi Knight, who is my best friend right now.  Lexi, being one of the most popular person in my school, dragged me with her to every party she was invited to.


At this one party, during the summer, while Lexi was dancing and having a good time while I sat in the corner, a guy by the name of Adam Joans came up to me.  His eyes where a light brown almost yellow like.  His hair was brown and short-ish.  He had fair skin and the greatest crooked smile.  Im a sucker for croocked smiles.We started talking and became best friends by the beginning of school year.


When we started junior year, he asked me out.  Again blinded by my own fantasies, I said yes.  We are now senors and very happy with our lives.  He has a job working his tail off.  He always says he likes his job but sometimes I dont believe him.  Than there's me.  I now have a step-mom and a sister.  She's a sohmore and those girls who were rude to me, and still are, are being even bigger ass holes to my sister.


Those girls better watch out because by the end of this year they wont know what hit them.

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