Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


8. Various plans

Niall began to paint the nursery and chose a warm green colour. He was in good spirits and hummed lightly to a song. It was a gorgeous colour, and he thought the colour suited to both a son and a daughter. Nelly stood in the doorway and followed him with her eyes. She noted that he had muscles and she just wanted to rip off his tank top and touch his skin. Niall was perfect and she pondered what she would do. Niall started a little bit of singing and was completely in the work. Nelly smiled weakly and liked his voice. He sounded great and could really sing.


Harry came upstairs and heard Niall sing. He went to the room and was instantly view Nelly. He stopped immediately and was almost angry. She was like a puppy after Niall and Harry hated it. There was something wrong with her, but Harry didn't dare to take it with Niall. It would be like killing Nialls dreams. Harry chose to go straight past her into the room and couldn't put energy into her.
"God, what a great colour!" exclaimed Harry, almost a little extra. "You picked the right colour darling!"
Niall smiled and walked down the steps. He gave Harry a light kiss and smiled big.
Harry smiled and hugged him lightly.
"You get to choose how much you want from Ireland, only it will be like you want!"
Niall laughed a little bit and let Harry go. He turned around to Nelly and smiled.
"And what do you think? Isn't it neat?"
She smiled at Niall and looked at the walls.
"It will be great!"

Harry chose to tease her. He took his arms around Niall and hugged him from behind. He pressed Nialls body against him and kissed him on the neck.
"You are the best!"
Niall giggled and looked back at the wall.
"Is why I chose you, honey!"
Harry saw how Nelly responded and she snorted lightly. Then she left them alone. Harry enjoyed the fact that she did it and laughed a little bit.
"You'll be a great dad!" he whispered to Niall. "And I will set up to the baby as much as you. I will love him or her!"

Niall spun around and hugged Harry lovingly.
"I know, I also know that you will be a great dad!"


Nelly was so angry that she could kill a man. She went out in the yard and just wanted to scream. Harry did everything to show his power and she hated him. She walked along the path toward the barn and almost wanted to burn up the whole yard. She chose to sit down on a chair and she felt so abandoned.
"Are you Nelly?"
She looked angrily up and met the gaze of an elderly man.
"Yes!" she murmured. The man smiled and seemed happy to see her. He stood close to her and cleared his throat a little.
"I'm Nialls dad Bobby, I just wanted to say that what you do for my son is absolutely wonderful!"

Nelly lost her breath. Nialls dad? Her prospective father in law? She lit up and stood up.
"Oh, it's the least I can do!"
Bobby smiled and seemed almost overwhelmed by her presence. He looked down at her stomach, which so far wasn't greater than normal.
"Are you all right still or.....?"
She smiled
"I throw up at night but otherwise it's okay!"
Bobby nodded and didn't want to leave her. Nelly smiled with satisfaction! Maybe she could access Niall through his parents? The father looked cozy and was certainly easy to fool?


Niall picked everything up and cleaned the floor. The paint would dry and then it was time to buy homes all the furniture. He envisioned how the room would be and he was overjoyed. It was better than he thought and he just loved the room. In here, the child would live and Niall longed already to that moment. He wanted to know the sex and he wanted to know the name. He realized that the name would be something that both Harry and himself liked. It would be a perfect name!


Maura was surprised when Bobby had a younger girl home. She looked at her in surprise, but Bobby smiled big.
"This is Nelly! You know her who will give birth to the baby!"
Maura lit up and she immediately hugged her.
"Welcome! You can't imagine how happy we are that you do this. Niall has talked so much about you and you're welcome!"

Nelly enjoyed and she could do nothing but smile. She starred as the innocent girl and tried to get Nialls parents to love her. She sat down and smiled sweetly. She said nice things and she fussed.


Harry sat down behind the desk and answered the phone. There was a lot that happened and he realized that the farm still took a lot of his time. Right as it was, he found a paper about Nelly and immediately he began to read what it really was in her application. Harry knew that it would surely be proof that she wasn't an ordinary girl, but how would he find that information?


Finally, Harry called the lawyer who was in London. Simon was good at everything with paper and had saved Des (Harrys dad) several times when he was alive.
"I want you to write something to Nelly, a contract that ensures that she can't have anything with the child to do when the baby is born!" he said. "And I want you to check all records of what she have done this before!"
Simon nodded
"It will take a month but I'll do my best!"
Harry smiled
"And be careful with everything!"
Simon understood him and seemed almost happy to take the job
"Let me fix it Harry! There will be a watertight contract and I'll call anyone who has to do with register!"

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