Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


7. To see but not get

On Saturday evening took Harry and Niall chips and more to the living room. They made ​​arrangements in the living room for a cozy evening and thought that Nelly would be with them. Niall lit candles and made sure it was cozy. Harry hugged him and kissed him right in the neck.
"You're romantic!"
Niall laughed and turned around to him. Their lips met and Harry kissed him passionately. They were interrupted by Nelly, cleared her throat. Direct Harry looked toward the door and saw her enter. He released Niall and smiled big.
"You can select the movie and we have chosen what to be eaten!"
Nelly looked at the table and noticed that there was everything from chips to candy. She nodded slightly and looked at Niall.
"I choose film?"
Niall nodded and pulled Harry to the couch. They sat close together and Nelly walked over to the bookcase with movies in. She chose one and they pushed it into the DVD. Nelly sat down on the other couch and seemed to feel lost.
"Are you okay?" Niall asked her directly and she nodded slightly.
"I threw up today but the doctor says that I do it when I'm pregnant!"
Harry smiled at her.
"Just tell us if you need anything!"
Nelly nodded and looked at the television. Niall slumped against Harry and kept his arms around him. They also looked at the movie, and pretty soon everyone was silent.


Nelly was angry! Harry had to kiss Niall? He couldn't stay away and work on the farm? She wanted to be alone with Niall and was jealous when the guys sat so close together. She tried to see the film, but in the corner of her eye she saw Harry hugged her Niall. She couldn't stop thinking about the plan, and she wondered how she should proceed. She wanted that Niall would see her, not just as a pregnant woman, but as a bride he wanted. She had noticed that both guys had rings and knew that they were married. She wanted Nialls ring and she wanted to take over Harry's place. She wanted to make sure that just Niall and Nelly was in the house, but how?


Niall ate chips and felt how he almost fell asleep on the couch. Harry smiled at him and pulled out a blanket. He put it over Nialls legs.
"You may rest on my lap baby!"
Niall did as he said. He laid down with the blanket over him and put his head in Harry's lap. He looked at the movie and a big yawn.
"Wake me up if I fall asleep!"
Harry laughed a little bit and nodded
"I promise!"

Nelly looked at Niall and smiled weakly.
"Inconvenient day?"
Niall smiled weakly.
"No, but I was up early and started with the baby's room!"
She tittered light
"Let me know if you want me to help you!"
Niall nodded weakly and looked at the TV again.
"I promise!"
Harry smiled at Niall and then against Nelly.
"It will be a nice room!"
She snorted lightly against him, gave Niall a long look and then looked at the television. Harry was startled and immediately he began to wonder what she meant. Niall was right when he said that she was different. Maybe she didn't want that Harry would bother? But the child would become Harrys too! He looked at her for a while and then he looked at the television. Maybe he just imagined?


Niall fell asleep! Harry smiled and looked at him with loving glance. Gently, he lifted him up in his arms and took him up to bed. Niall groaned and opened his eyes half.
"Did I fall asleep?"
Harry nodded and laughed a little bit.
"Yes, but I put you in bed and go down and put it all away!"
Niall smiled gratefully and closed his eyes again. Harry laid him down on the bed and put the blanket over him. Niall was snoring almost instantly.


Harry began to set the bowls on the tray and noted that Nelly stared angrily at him.
"What do you have against me?" he got up. She swallowed and looked towards the film, which showed the after text.
Harry sighed and looked pointedly at her.
"Well, you have something against me and forgive if you believe what you believe. Nialls is my partner and it's I who will be with the child when it grows up. Sorry if I not fit into your template!"

Nelly met his gaze.
"I have nothing against you!"
Harry saw that she was lying, but he couldn't manage that part right now. Maybe it was the hormones? When you were pregnant, you could have a different mood. Harry had read about it in a book, and he realized that it would become long months if she was like that. He put out the candles, and when he turned around she was gone. He sighed and wondered what he would do to make her like him. Harry perhaps had to be home more?


Niall snuggled next to Harry, when he had lain down in bed. Direct Harry smiled and felt he was ready to do everything for Niall. The Irishman was the most important in Harrys life and Niall would be a wonderful father. Harry was determined to do everything for their child. He would also be a good dad and take care of the family in the best way!


Niall woke in the middle of the night by Nelly threw up. Directly he went out of bed and out of the room. He heard that she vomited again and he almost ran to her room. He knocked on the door and cleared his throat.
"How are you?"
He heard movement and crying. He chose to open the door and saw that the light in the bathroom was open. He snuck in and saw Nelly leaning over the toilet.
"I just throw up!" she murmured, and the tears ran down her cheeks. Niall walked up to her and sat beside her.
"Do you need anything? Water or something else to drink?"
Nelly smiled weakly and shook the head.
"Stay and join me if you want!"

Niall nodded and gave her a towel.
"Vomit girls so much?"
She nodded and gave him a quick glance.
"I'm pregnant!"


Nelly enjoyed when Niall took his hand against her back and massaged it to console. She knew how to take her fingers in the throat, forcing the body to vomit. She knew how to be when she felt bad and she had always played good theater. Niall believed in her, and he looked at her with eyes that she just loved. 
"Shall I help you to bed?"
Nelly nodded and played weak. He brought his arms around her and helped her to the bed. She enjoyed! He laid her on the bed and put the covers over her body.
"Can't you stay?" Nelly whispered helplessly and looked at him with pleading eyes. Niall hesitated but then smiled weakly and nodded. He sat down next to her and seemed to ponder. Nelly was fast to put her head in his lap. She played like she felt really bad and Niall took his hand over her body.
"Should I call the doctor tomorrow?" Niall asked. Nelly chose between yes and no! She knew that the doctor would see through her.
"No!" she whispered. "I have read in books that you can feel like this and it's normal!"


Nelly fell asleep eventually, but first she was sure that Niall fell asleep first. He sat up in bed and asleep, but this was only the beginning. She was comfortable with her head against his leg and smiled big. She heard his breath and enjoyed every second. The last thing she thought about before she fell asleep was that he would soon be hers.


Niall woke up when the sun started to go up. He saw Nelly in bed and smiled weakly. He felt sorry for her and he knew it was tough. She was a stranger in the family and tried not to complain unnecessarily. He actually thought she should get a reward every day she managed to be pregnant. Niall was a little jealous, because he had wanted to give birth to Harry's child on his own. Maybe that Niall could become a woman in the next life and then marry Harry again? Niall had heard about people that was reborn and united with his better half. Harry was really the one who was created to be with Niall and they were so perfect together.


Niall did quiet leave Nelly's room and went back to Harry. He sneaked into the room and then lay next to the perfect man. Harry woke up and yawned.
"Where have you been?"
Niall smiled and crawled into his lap.
"Nelly threw up so I made ​​sure she got into bed!"
Harry smiled slightly and kissed Niall lightly on the cheek.
"You care about all sweetheart! I guess she'll feel bad many times?"
Niall nodded and lay on top of Harry.
"I missed you!"

They kissed each other and Niall quickly pulled off Harry shirt. They both wanted and pretty soon they were inside each other's movements. Niall groaned lightly and stripped them naked. Harry had nothing against it, feeling the Irishman slowly made ​​sure he penetrated. Niall slowly began to ride Harry and immediately they kissed each other passionately. Harry groaned and took his hands on his waist. Niall just smiled and moved faster.

"I love you!" Niall mumbled, feeling Harry enjoyed every movement as Niall took. They groaned and eventually increased his pace even more. The bed creaked and their sound became higher.


Nelly was furious! Niall had gone into Harry to have sex, but he had been able to stay and have good sex with her. Yet she couldn't help but open the door a crack and peek inside. She saw Niall on top of Harry. His back was so athletic and she saw how he was moving up and down. She moaned quietly and couldn't help but look down on his back. Niall was created for a woman and not a man like Harry. Niall groaned and she saw how his body was sweating. He moved so smoothly and so perfect. She envisioned how he let her ride him. Nelly would make sure that he wanted her to ride him all the time, every day and every second. She would make him scream and wanting more all the time. She heard how Harry came and then touched Niall his hand over his own cock. She wished she could see it, but he sat with his back to her. When Niall came he groaned. Nelly liked direct his sound and wanted to hear it from her ear. She would certainly make sure she got what she wanted, but she had no plan. Maybe she could play sick and especially at night? Then Niall should come running and help her. She would play like she wanted to hug and then she got to play theater until he was lying naked in bed.

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