Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


13. Threatening

Harry woke up in the middle of the night when the phone rang. Harry answered a big yawn.
"Family Styles!" he replied, smiling a little bit.
It was from the hospital. The baby was coming and Nelly would have it during the night.
"If you want to participate, you are welcome!"
Harry put on and brought directly Niall.
Niall yawned and opened his eyes.
Harry laughed a little bit.
"Our child want to come out and we can go to the hospital!"
Niall was wide awake.
Harry gave him a light kiss.
"We will become fathers this night!"


Niall was overjoyed and when they got to the hospital he didn't know where he was going. They were wearing protective clothing, and then they got to go into the room where Nelly was. She was anything but happy, and they saw at her that it hurt.
"Fuck that I put up on this shit!" she cried, looking directly cold at Niall. "You are the greatest ..!"
The doctor gave her a cold look directly and caused her to fall silent.
"You were with on this, so blame no one!"
Nelly sulked!


Middle of the night came the baby out and the doctor handed over the little body to Niall.
"Congratulations you are now the father to a little girl!"
Niall started immediately crying and looked down at the little creature. He then looked at Harry, who also had tears in his eyes.
"A girl?" Harry whispered and smiled then towards Niall. "We've got a little girl?"
Niall nodded and laughed. He gave Harry a light kiss on the lips and then looked down at the baby again.
"Hello, I'm your father!"

Harry smiled and looked down at her.
"And I'm the other father Harry!"
Niall giggled directly and didn't get enough of the little girl.
"We need to think of a name?"
Harry nodded and then looked at Nelly. She looked coldly at them and avoided even looking at them. She didn't want to see the baby, but repudiated.
"My money!" she murmured instead. Harry smiled weakly at her and nodded.
"They are already in place on your account."


Niall stood by the crib and looked down on the little body, who was asleep. Harry came in and stood behind him. He took his arms around Nialls waist and hugged him lightly.
"So you've come up with a name?"
Niall smiled and shook his head.
"I can't think of a suitable name. She's like an angel!"
Harry kissed him lightly on the neck
"Then we call her Angel?"
Niall instantly became fond of Harry's proposal and turned around. They kissed each other passionately and held their arms around each other's bodies.
"Great name!" Niall mumbled. Harry agreed and ended the kiss.


There were many sleepless nights, they took turns to feed the Angel with a bottle. She was wonderful any time and none of them had anything against it.


Niall decided one day to take the stroller and go home to Maura and greet. Meanwhile, Harry sat down in front of the house and just enjoyed. Everything started to go as they wished. Harry and the employees began to get things right and Niall had for once been happy. It was like Angel was more than just their children. She became their salvation. Not that Harry and Niall teasing, but it felt more like a family, and Harry felt like a normal person in a different way.


Harry's phone rang and he answered.
"It is Nelly!"
He froze.
"What do you want?"
She sighed, and he knew so well her little quirks.
"I will not come and take the kid away from you, but I've got a lawyer to make sure you don't have anything to do with the kid!"
Harry realized that he hadn't gotten rid of Nelly. He sighed and chose to sit on the chair.
"You're crazy!" he mumbled. "Niall and I stand on the paper as the child's parents and you can't do anything about it!"

She laughed cold.
"I intend to ensure that you are removed from the child's life. You are a rejected model and I have several behind me who think the same thing!"
Harry chose to hang up. He couldn't cope with her and all that she did. Instead, he called directly to Simon and explained everything.
"But she can't come and do that?" Harry asked. Simon agreed and sighed a little bit.
"I've actually got a letter from her, but I didn't think she was serious!" 

Harry looked down at the ground and realized that everything that had to do with Nelly posed problems.
"We say nothing to Niall!" he murmured at last. "He's happy now when Angel is here and I don't want him to worry unnecessarily!"
Simon agreed with
"I promise and today I will contact her lawyer and check what it is that she wants!"
Harry nodded
"And call if it's something!"
Simon promised it.


When Niall came back was Harry as if everything was okay. He hugged him and then looked down into the stroller.
"She's sleeping?"
Niall nodded with satisfaction.
"I changed the diaper and gave her some food before I went home. She fell asleep right away and seems tired!"
Harry smiled and kissed him directly. There was one such moment where it just was just magical. Family Styles! It felt wonderful for both to just be a small family.


Harry crept close Niall at night and kissed him tenderly.
"I love you so much and it feels like you've found your place?"
Niall replied kiss and then nodded.
"Our life is accomplished, I have everything I want! A wonderful man and a child!"
Harry giggled and lay down on top of Niall. He caressed his face and gave dreamy smiled.
"Nialler, you are my everything and without you I wouldn't be me!"
Irishman kissed him right away and took his arms tightly about his body. Harry moaned immediately and felt the whole body tingled. It felt like among the first times he was with Niall. It was like feeling the love again and Harry loved that feeling.


Niall was quick to undress Harry naked. Harry loved when Niall took the initiative. In return he tore off Niall clothes. They groaned and felt how the bodies were moving at the same pace. Niall moaned by the kiss and immediately proceeded Harry the kiss to wander down over Nialls body. Down over his breasts, down over his stomach and down between his legs. Niall groaned loudly when Harry let the hard part slide in between his lips. He took his hands around Harry's head and began almost immediately to move the hip. Harry still loved to know how he influenced Niall and pretty soon he got the blond guy to moan loudly. Harry brought his cock rapidly in and out of his mouth. Finally Niall forced him to stop and pulled Harry up over him .
"I will not come right away!" he murmured and smiled weakly. Nialls face was red and it seemed that he was horny. Harry smiled and moved his hips against his hard part . Niall groaned and shook the head.
"I want you to take me!"
Harry obeyed him and spread his legs. He sat beneath him and penetrated . Niall groaned loudly again and closed his eyes. Harry felt himself filled Niall with his dick and he saw that he loved it. They were invite to care about each other. Harry groaned pretty soon too loudly and began to increase the pace . Niall yawned and didn't know how he would be. Finally let Harry one hand move down over Nialls cock and he pulled his hand fast up and down. Niall just groaned and finally he came. Harry saw how the sperm spurted out and the whole Niall shook right through the body. He smiled and moved his hand until the blond guy had landed on the pillow. Self he went on until he reached the climax. Harry pushed himself hard into Niall and almost screamed when he came inside.


Afterwards they showered, put on their clothes and went in to Angel. She was asleep. Harry felt so happy when he saw Nialls face. It seemed that he was a real father and that he cared. Harry wondered what would happen with Nelly. Would she start something or was it just empty threats? She was in prison, but still, she could make damage.

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