Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


10. The truth behind a lie

Nelly's stomach slowly began to get bigger and Niall drove her to the doctor for an examination. She was in good spirits and Niall smiled at her.
"We'll see what the doctor tell us?"
Nelly nodded and looked at Nialls profile. He sat behind the wheel and was a perfect driver. She looked at his profile and his wonderful hair. She just wanted to kiss him, but dared not destroy the friendship that they had bound up up.


At the hospital, the doctor felt on her stomach, listened to heart sounds and made sure that all the values ​​were okay. He smiled then contented against them.
"The child are very good and it shows that it goes forward!"
Niall smiled at him and looked down at Nelly's swollen belly. He was a proud dad already and couldn't contain himself before the baby came out. Nelly just smiled at the belly and then looked at the doctor.
"Can you get out the sex yet?"
He laughed
"Do you want to know it?"
Nelly looked at Niall, but he shook the head directly.
"I don't want to know what the child got for sex. Then disappears half the surprise!" 
Nelly nodded and looked at the doctor.
"We don't want to find that out then!"
The doctor nodded and noted something on the paper.
"You should get a new time. I suggest Nelly come here once a month, but after six months we have to make frequent checks!"
Niall nodded directly
"And what about the food and such things. Is it something that we should consider?"
The doctor smiled.
"No, she'll just live as normal a life as possible and in the end she may not make the effort., It's not a disease to be pregnant, just a state!"


Nelly was disappointed when they came back to the farm. Niall ran to Harry and told him what the doctor had said. She became jealous and she immediately tried to figure out the next step. Niall made ​​no attempt to hug her or trying to do anything more than what he did. Was he completely blind? She did everything so he could see her, but Niall cared just about Harry and the baby. Nelly felt neglected and forgotten!


Every time Nelly felt hat, she went down to the village to Maura. This day was Maura out in the yard and lit up when Nelly appeared.
"How are you?"
Nelly smiled and gave her a quick hug.
"Just great! Niall and I was at the doctor today and it looked just great!"
Maura seemed happy and laughed a little bit.
"I remember when I was pregnant with Niall. It was a wonderful feeling and when the baby starts to kick in the stomach, you will not do anything but feel the kicks. Bobby was almost constantly beside me and held his hand against my stomach. It so wonderful!"
Nelly lit up! So when the baby began to kick Niall would touch with his hand on her?



Niall picked out the crib in the room and began to pick it together. He had actually gotten hold of a perfect bed. It was dark in the woods and looked like an old bed. Niall liked the style and felt that the room would go in the old style. He had ordered a rocking chair. It would stand by the window so they could sit there and rock the baby to the sleep. A changing table was in the toilet and then the room would be filled with teddy bears and other toys. There would be cars, dolls and anything that a child needed. Niall felt that a guy could play with dolls and a girl could play with cars. Only it was toys.


Simon showed up one day and direct rail Harry up.
"Have you found anything?"
They went into the office and Simon nodded a little bit.
"I don't think you will be happy, but I don't think Nelly is the one that you believe!" he sighed. "Her family is poor and it's true that she needs money. Her school told me that she wasn't a model student. She has trouble taking no for an answer and she is selfish."
Harry laughed a little bit,
"Talk about something that I don't know!"
Simon cleared his throat.
"She's wanted by the police. Her real name is Sandy Johnson and she has threatened people. She has even kidnapped people together with a gang. She has a long list of crimes!"

Harry became serious and took a bunch of paper.
"She's all black?"
Simon nodded
"I'm afraid so, she doesn't seem to be the one who runs and she has often destroyed families. I'm afraid she has planned something with you!"
Harry sighed lightly.
"Niall isn't the one who's easily influenced, but I have noticed that she has sights set on him." Harry then met Simon's eyes. "But I don't want to tell him about this. As long as Nelly hasn't done anything, I can't come and talk about it with Niall. He's to happy about being a dad!"
Simon nodded and then took up another paper.
"And here's contract., You may try to get her to sign it without reading through everything. I guess Niall can handle that bit?"
Harry nodded
"She listens more to him!"


Harry felt bad when Simon had gone. He read through everything and realized that Nelly was a psychopath, or at least close to one. Simon had also submitted photographs of her parents and it was anything but normal parents. They look like drug addicts and didn't bother to take care of themselves. In a way Harry felt sorry for Nelly. It can't have been easy growing up in such a family, but at the same time he didn't want her to fuck between Niall and Harry. The only question was what she had to plan? Maybe she was looking for money or, at worst, maybe she wanted Niall.

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