Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


4. Surprise

Niall was happy in the morning and felt the energy came back. Harry had to go out in the yard after breakfast, but Niall did as always. He painted the walls and was satisfied with the work. It became much brighter and he envisioned how things would become clear eventually. It was fun to do something for both their future and actually began Niall consider children. He had read about girls who lined up as surrogate mothers. Niall wanted to have a child in the future, but given the way they were forced to either adopt or get a surrogate mother. Neither Niall or Harry could get the children, which was sad in itself. It would have been wonderful to follow a stomach for nine months and get to know the grow.


In the evening Niall took up the subject and direct Harry put the tea in the throat.
"You mean the baby? A real baby?"
Niall laughed.
"There are many like us who have the opportunity and a surrogate mother can provide a child with our genes!"
Harry gulped and leaned back in his chair.
"You're serious?"
Niall was disappointed and nodded. He had thought that Harry would think of a child as well, but the only thing he cared about was the farm.
"Please!" Niall whispered. "We can have another baby? It's what all the couples do who are married and we have a safe home, we got the money and we have a lot of love!"

First Harry wanted to say no, but he saw Nialls pleading eyes and sighed lightly.
"How does such thing work?"
Niall smiled thinking through all the information available on-line. Where would he start?
"First, we are authorized to do it. Then we find a girl who fits both of us and she may leave the eggs in the hospital. We leaving sperm and the doctor ensures that the egg becomes fertilized. Then put them into the egg in her and she's pregnant. Meanwhile, we can choose to have her here and give her money and let her stay where she lives!"

Harry understood that Niall actually had read about the subject. It made him realize that Niall really wanted to be a father. Harry sighed lightly and tried to see a child in front of him. He himself hadn't had that thought. Children sounded so strange and it demanded to lined up all the time.
"Is that what you want?"
Niall nodded and immediately lit up.
"It doesn't matter if it's a he or a she., It will be our child and I promise to take care of it, when you're working!"
Harry looked down at the table and chose not to show the discomfort he felt.
"I have to think about it!"

Niall nodded. Of course it was a big step to take. It wasn't every day that you became a father and had one child in the family.
"But think fast!"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"You're going to nag at me until I saying  yes?"
Niall smiled and nodded
"Yes, something like that!"


Harry felt pressure on him. Niall had placed the paper on the subject at the office, and every were Harry looked there were patches of acquiring surrogate mother. Finally he took up one of the notes and read easily through it.
"Payment is made to the mother, and when the baby is born, she continues with her life!"
Harry sighed. There were girls who did that? Stood up on having a baby for money and then just give up the baby? He heaved! It sounded as if Niall believed in every word and that if he had planned it all.


In the end, Harry rang the number on the paper to find out what it was. A woman answered and she sounded nice.
"So how do we become recognized as parents?" Harry asked. The woman didn't sound shocked to talk to a gay, and she seemed more interested in helping them.
"You come here and answer questions about how you live, are, and what's your future plans. Then we look over the home based and looks at you as a person. A survey takes approximately one to three months!"
Harry sighed
"And then?"
"We have girls here who act as surrogate mothers, and you select one girl that fits your taste., We have all kinds of girls from all sorts of cultures, so the range is great. You decide who it will be and then we fertilizes us an egg. The women get it inside and becomes pregnant. Payment is made after the baby's born and then you dads!"


Harry drove the car and Niall came uncertain and sat in it.
"Where are we going?"
Harry smiled and drove off. He smiled at the road and turned on the radio.
"Surprise, Darling!"
Niall frowned and looked at the forest outside. They went out of the village and towards London.
"An excursion?"
Harry laughed again and shook his head, then he nodded.
"A trip to a special place!"


Niall almost fainted when they stopped outside the reception to surrogate mothers. When Harry took him towards the entrance began Niall almost to crying.
"So we are to become fathers?"
Harry nodded and held his hand tightly.
"I have had many conversations with them and gone through everything. I realized that this's important to you and I set up to this Niall!"


They went through several questionnaires and were interviewed about their lives. They had to leave all of the information and in the end Niall almost tired.
"There was a lot?"
Harry nodded and held his hand tightly.
"I know, but we will not give up. We have all the conditions to be approved and it will be worth it!"


Late autumn came the paper home. Niall opened the letter and almost cried with happiness. Harry came straight up to him and looked curious.
Niall threw herself into Harry's arms and hugged him tightly.
"We're going to be parents. We are approved as a family and everything is clear!"
Harry smiled and hugged Niall back. Not that Harry was immediately eager to be a father, but for the sake Nialls he set up at all. Niall was overjoyed and had tears of joy. He nearly jumped out of luck and didn't know what he would do.
"God, I'm gonna be a daddy!"
Harry smiled and calmed him down.
"It takes nine months to give birth and we have to find a girl who fits us!"


Niall nodded and tried to stand still. He looked into Harry's eyes and his whole body tingled.
"So how does it work?"
Harry smiled.
"I make an appointment so we interview those who seem to fit into our style. There are many to choose from and we must agree on her!"
Niall nodded
"We can do this?"

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