Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


9. Pure love and jealous

Niall stood in the barn and saw a cow gave birth to a calf. Several staff was there to help the calf to come out. Niall smiled and loved to look at it! He smiled and dreamed of the day when Nelly would have the baby. It was the only thing that was spinning in his head. Harry showed up and smiled directly at him.
"I missed you!"
Niall smiled and turned around to him.
"I was stuck here and have seen when the calf was born!"
Harry laughed lightly and gave Niall a kiss.
"I did almost know that it was something like that!"

Niall smiled and took his arms around Harry's shoulders. Harry took his hands around Nialls waist and pushed him against himself.
"Shall we go in?"
Niall nodded and kissed him lightly. Harry answered the kiss and enjoyed his presence. The employees didn't care that they stood and kissed. They were used and put no weight on the two guys. Harry was grateful that everyone understood Niall and Harry. No one said anything bad about their marriage and it made it easier.


When they came into the house was Niall happy. The time was late and they went up to the bedroom. Niall smelled like a barn and direct Harry pulled him toward the shower.
"Time to wash!"
Niall laughed and knew what Harry would do. He turned on the water and turned around to Niall. He began to undress the Irishman and then he took off his own clothes. Niall smiled the whole time and then followed into the water. Harry held him lightly and kissed him tenderly on the neck. They washed each other and took the shampoo into each other's hair. Niall loved those moments and the closeness to each other was so lovely. Harry was so careful with his hands and Niall liked when he touched him all over his body.


When they were done they dried each other's bodies and crawled naked into bed. They said no word, and this was a magical moment. Harry lay on top of Niall and kissed him passionately. They groaned and felt their boner pressed against each other. Harry smiled big and caressed Niall's hair. They parted the lips and their tongues met. Harry was quick to show that it was Nialls turn to get started. He sat down on the Irishman and let him penetrate. They both moaned loudly and Harry rode him slowly. Niall smiled and looked at him with lust in his eyes. 


Right as it was Niall sat up and lifted up Harry. He stood up on the floor and pushed Harry up against the wall. Harry took direct his legs around Nialls waist and they groaned aloud. Niall kept him with his hands under the butt and pushed himself hard in and out. They created just one of those magical moment and the only thing available was each other's bodies. Harry kissed Niall tenderly and they ended up at the same rate. Niall ran so hard against Harry that it thumped into the wall every time he penetrated. He moaned louder and finally he pounded hard against Harry. Breaths quickened and Harry felt Niall approached climax. He pressed hard in his cock and finally he reached the top. He screamed almost straight out and started pushing the sperm. Niall shook and buckled the body hard. Eventually the orgasm petered out and he calmed down. Harry smiled big and kissed Niall over the face.
"You're beautiful baby!"
Niall smiled and dropped him on the floor. Then he turned around and pushed his ass against Harry.
"Your turn!"

Harry was quick. He let Niall standing with his hands against the wall. Then he parted the Irishman butt and pushed gently in. They ended up pretty soon in a steady pace, and Harry kept Niall firmly around the waist. Niall groaned lightly and held firmly against the wall.


Nelly went crazy. She saw that Niall allowed Harry to take him and she didn't like it. But she couldn't stop peeking through the door. Nialls body was so perfect and she had seen his cock for the first time. It was so perfect and she pined for it. Nialls body was so lovely and so supple. She took her hand down between her legs and began to slowly caressed herself. She saw Nialls sweaty body and his face as received. Nelly swallowed and moved her fingers over her clitoris. She envisioned how Niall lay on top of her in bed and how he penetrated her. She smiled at the thought and let one finger penetrate her. She stood and spread her legs. It was a wonderful feeling that showed up and she moved her hand faster. She closed her eyes and bit her lip so not the guys would hear her. She still saw Niall in the imagination and how he groaned against her ear. She moved her hands over his body and took him. She fantasized about how he smiled at her, kissed her and touched his cock quickly into her. Nelly came! She felt her the body shaking and her whole body whimpered with the feeling. Finally she opened her eyes and saw how Harry came inside Niall. She sighed and left the place. She went back to the room and felt an empty feeling in the body. The plan didn't go as planned, but she didn't give up.


Niall crawled into bed close to Harry and kissed him lightly.
"You're the most wonderful man I could get!"
Harry laughed a little bit and hold around Niall hard.
"I think I can say the same about you, honey!"
Niall nodded with satisfaction
"You dare not otherwise?"
Harry shook his head
"No, because then I would be lying to myself!"

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