Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


3. Making love

Harry smiled at Bobby. They mended the fence to the horses and they got along well. Harry had dreamed that Nialls father would approve of him, and now when he did so, was all perfect.
"You should get started Niall on the farm!" Bobby said, looking pointedly at Harry. "He should also be employed?"
Harry smiled and nodded. He had tried to give Niall mission, but he hadn't been interested. He wanted to be more in the house and make the house ready. 
"He's not like me!" Harry mumbled and meant it as a compliment. "And I don't think my dad's business interests him!"
Bobby stopped and looked at Harry for long. Then he smiled weakly.
"Just don't forget the love. It isn't worth losing the love!"
Harry was startled
"How do you mean?"
Bobby looked down at the ground and seemed to choose his words.
"He just talked with Maura and she said that Niall doesn't like it here. Maybe you should try to give him more time?"


Harry knew that the relationship wasn't like before, but at the same time demanded the company a lot of his time. Niall should understand that and not work against Harry. Maybe that Bobby was right? They should take more time with each other. Harry sighed and began to walk toward the house, but the phone rang.
"You have to purchase more gasoline to the tractors. We are running out of it!"
Harry sighed. How much was it to do? Soon he had more work than he managed, but he didn't give up.

"I will call direct and order!"



It was dark when Harry came into the house. He saw that Niall had painted clear walls and tidied away. He had also been working. Harry looked up Niall and found him in the library. Niall sat and read a book in front of an open fire. Harry smiled and walked up to him.
"You did good work today!"
Niall looked up and didn't seem as happy. He smiled weakly and then looked down at the book again. Harry realized that he was angry and sat down in front of the Irishman.
"Please, can't we be together a little?"
Niall looked surprised at Harry.
"Do you have time? Time phone ringing all the time and you can't keep up with me!"
Harry sighed and put away Nialls book. Then he put him in his lap and kissed him tenderly. Niall answered the kiss right away and took his arms around Harry's waist. God what wonderful it was to be close to Niall. Harry wanted to do this more, but the day had only twenty-four hours.


They ended up on the floor and Niall slowly began to undress Harry naked. In the end they were both naked and kissing each other. They hugged each other and felt around what they had lacked. Their tongues played with each other and they felt how they were both hungry for everything.
"Please take me!" mumbled Harry and Niall smiled weakly.
"Okay honey!"

He forced down Harry on his stomach and spread his buttocks. Slowly Niall penetrated in and Harry pressed his face against the floor. Niall parted Harry's legs and eventually he had penetrated all the way.
"I've missed you!" he moaned out and began slowly moving his cock in and out. Harry groaned and felt Niall lay completely on top of his back. Niall kissed his neck and moaned lightly. The movements became faster and pretty soon bounced Niall against Harry's back. He moaned loudly and felt how he filled the hole with meat. A wonderful feeling and Niall tried to even kiss Harry's back. He caressed him and felt how Harry received every movement. Finally reached the top and Niall pressed himself hard into the ass. He screamed almost straight out and shook with the whole body. Harry smiled and felt Niall filled him with cum. Then he collapsed on Harry's back and panting rapidly. Niall was totally exhausted and laughed a little bit.
"I needed that!" he kissed Harry's neck and smiled big. "You are so wonderful and I love you so much!"
Harry just smiled and turned around.
"What about me?"

Niall smiled and slid down between Harry's legs. He took his cock between his lips and began to move slowly. Harry groaned loudly and took his hands around Niall head. He closed his eyes and felt the Irishman took care of everything. Slowly he began to move the hip up against Nialls mouth and it didn't take long to get Harry to groan loudly. Finally he came and Niall swallowed whole kit. Harry shook and screamed Nialls name straight out. Then he collapsed, Niall smiled up at him and let the slack portion be.
"It was okay?"
Harry laughed and looked down at him.
"Absolutely wonderful!"


They showered together and then they crawled back into bed and lay close together.
"I promise to try to get more time for you!" Harry whispered and kissed Nialls forehead. "I'm not going to be like daddy and not stop agen me about my family!"
Niall smiled and looked up at him.
"I know, but it's hard when I can barely see you and you always have things to do!"
Harry nodded and understood him.
"It takes maybe half a year before everything rolls on? I must get everything to work and then we'll be able to have more moments together."
Niall hoped Harry's words.
"I know, but it's so hopeless sometimes!"
Harry smiled and looked into his eyes.
"I love you and you are the only thing that matters. You know that! However, we have to bring in money too."

Niall nodded and ran his hand over Harry's chest.
"I love you!" he whispered, closing his eyes then. He was tired and felt just to sleep. Maybe that everything would work out eventually?

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