Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


11. Just we....

Nelly enjoyed! The child had begun to move inside of her and Niall just loved to feel her stomach. He could walk by and just stop her. Then he took his hand over her stomach and as soon as the baby kicked he laughed. When Niall was in the room also could Harry feel on her stomach, but otherwise she refused. Everything so Niall would be satisfied!


"I pay attention to how she is!" Niall whispered one day to Harry. "I'm not blind, but I'm counting the days until the baby comes!"
Harry was pleased and realized that Niall wasn't as naive as he had thought. He hugged directly the Irishman and pushed him against himself.
"She's like a witch when you are away and when you show up, she's the opposite!"
Niall smiled and hugged him back.
"I've seen it and I don't like it!"


Maura came over to the house one afternoon and immediately pulled Niall with her ​​up to the new room. He showed her crib and he showed her all the things he had done.
"You're amazing!" she smiled big. "It's like a dream that you are finally going to have children!"
Niall nodded and immediately hugged her quickly.
"Mom, this is just so amazing and I'm so happy!"
Maura nodded and looked down on the bed.
"It's finally going to be some movement in the house!"
Niall nodded and sat down in the rocking chair.
"I long for that day so I'm dying!"
She laughed and turned around to face him.
"I have one question and that's why I came over today!" 
Niall just smiled in response, and she looked a little bit down on the ground.
"Nelly's often with us, and I think she wants to ask than just feed the baby!"
Niall sighed directly.
"I know she's weird and I guess we have to put up. She has my baby and when the baby is born, you don't see her again."
Maura nodded a little bit.
"I'm just worried about her sake. She thinks you're not gay and she said she would suit you better than Harry. I told her like it was, my Niall isn't the same person without Harry, and it can't be changed on anything!"  
Nelly was getting tired of waiting. One night she lay in bed and chose to whimper. She played like she had really hurt and Niall came almost instantly.
"What is it?"
She looked so sad as she could.
"My stomach!" she murmured. "I'm in pain!"
Niall flew to the bed and looked down at her. He touched the belly and gently moved the hand over it.
"I'll call the doctor!"
She shook her directly on the head.
"No, it will probably get over!"
Niall sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to collect his thoughts. Nelly got up tears and was pleased with the theater as she played.
"I'm just scared!"

Niall sighed lightly and took the cell phone. She did not say against him until he hit the number.
"Yes an ambulance and come now!"


Nelly was admitted to a department.
"We found no wrong!" the doctor said "But we know it can be a big adjustment for the body and it's only one month left to wait. therefore she can stay here for a while we'll see what happens!" 
Niall sensed that Nelly lied about the pain, but he was afraid about what could happen to the child. She couldn't hurt his baby, and the doctor agreed to keep her until the baby was born.


When Niall came back home, Harry smiled at him and hugged him tightly.
"I know it sounds wrong, but I'm glad she ended up in the hospital. Now you're just my husband and no one else!"


It was nice to wake up in the morning and know that Nelly wasn't around them. Harry hugged Niall and kissed him to wake him up.
"Good morning, darling!"
Niall giggled and opened her eyes.
"A new morning?"
Harry nodded and kissed him passionately. He lay down on Niall and held her arms tightly about his body. It felt so good not to have to take into account and now they could live as they wished.

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