Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


5. Getting Pregnant

Niall and Harry were almost surprised over the girls that they could choose from. The problem was that no one was the one. There were many who were older than these guys, and many who had strange ideas about things. Niall almost gave up when it appeared a young girl. She was skinny and shy. She had dark long hair and blue eyes. She wasn't the synthesis, but Niall was immediately intrigued.
Harry followed Nialls gaze and saw the girl. He frowned and tried to see what Niall saw in her.

"She's not much?"
Niall smiled
"She's perfect and she's not like everyone else. Such suits us more than a girl who decides everything."

Harry chose to go up to the girl and smiled a little bit at her.
"What's your name?"
She swallowed and looked frightened.
"Nelly Smith!"
Harry looked at her that she felt uncomfortable.
"Why do you want to help us to get our children?"
she swallowed
"I need the money and don't mind having a baby. I have no desire to keep it for my own, but can get one to you!"


Harry went in and talked to their managers about Nelly. Meanwhile, Niall walked up to her and smiled big.
"So you're ready?"
She looked up in surprise at Niall and seemed not to understand. Niall laughed a little bit and looked at her with kind eyes.
"You want to give birth to Harry's and my child?"
She nodded a little bit and smiled. There was a small smile and Niall hoped it meant something good.
"Well, I'm ready!"
Niall nodded with satisfaction and tried to get her to feel comfortable.
"So you should stay home or should you choose to stay with us?"
Nelly seemed unsure and looked down at the ground.
"I wrote that I want to stay with you. I haven't it so good at home and I thought I give the you a child? Then maybe you can give me a home for nine months?"

Niall looked toward the office where Harry was. It seemed as if he wrote the papers and he would surely agree that she lived with them.
"I think it goes well!" he said, looking at her again. "I have nothing against it!"
She smiled
"And I don't take much space, I look on TV sometimes and like to walk rounds in the woods. Everything I eat and like to read books!"
Sounded great!
"We have a library of books. You can read what you want, but it may not be the newest books!"
She lit up
"Doesn't matter, I read everything!"


Harry came out of the office and gave the thumbs up to them. Direct Niall threw himself into his arms and kissed him.
"You're the best, baby!"
Harry laughed and hugged him back.
"She lives with us!"
Niall kissed him again, just to show how happy he was.
"I know!"
Nelly looked embarrassed to see the kiss each other and immediately looked Harry on her.

"We are together and we are open with it all. You'll get used to it!"
She blushed and nodded
"I just haven't met two gay men before and it's new to me!"


Their administrators came out and smiled at them all.
"On Friday, all three of you will go to the hospital and leave the egg and sperm. Then it will take a few days before we try to make Nelly pregnant. As soon as the egg sits in her, she will move in with you."
Niall nodded and then looked at Harry.
"Which one of us will become a father?"
Harry smiled and kissed him quickly.
"You, Darling!"


On Friday, they sat with Nelly in the section where they should be. A nurse came up to them and smiled big.
"Nelly's coming with us into a room and we will pick out the egg out of her!" she took out a plastic jar to Niall. "And you walk into a room and leave the semen in the jar!"
Niall was almost shocked
"You mean ... I'll ..."
She laughed


Niall come into a room with porn magazines and a TV where they showed movies. He stared at the TV and lost the urge. It showed a girl lay and groaned with a guy over her. Niall didn't like the idea of ​​masturbating to that movie and the papers contained the wrong kind of images. He was almost afraid.


"Harry!" Niall stuck his head through the door and caught the attention. "I can't really ... you know!"
Harry laughed and came over to him.
Niall nodded and pulled Harry into the room.
"You must help me!"

Harry giggled and put off directly the TV. He turned around to Niall and looked at the can.
"I guess I'll help a little? Then I also participate in a way?"
Niall nodded and pulled down his pants. He didn't know how they would solve it. Harry just smiled and walked up to him. He started kissing Niall and pushed him up against the wall. Gently, he let his hand move over Nialls penis and finally got him to react.
"It takes time?" Harry murmured contentedly. "But I'll probably get a little out of you!"


Eventually Niall relax and he groaned lightly against Harry's lips. He felt the hand worked and touched his cock perfectly. Niall started pressing against Harry and kissed him intensely. He pulled up Harry's shirt and felt his bare skin. It led him to realize that it would work. It was just about getting out of the semen and nothing else.


"I will come!" Niall groaned to the finish and immediately took Harry the jar. He succeeded in time to place it in front Nialls hard part and eventually caught the jar every drop of sperm. Niall groaned loudly and shook. Harry smiled and felt Niall finally relaxed.
"It wasn't so difficult?"
Niall smiled and kissed Harry.
"Thank you!"
"It was nothing, I do everything for you and you know it!"


They left in the bottle and then waited for Nelly. Harry held Nialls hand tight and they were actually happy that they had done this. In the end, Nelly out and the doctor smiled at them.
"We managed to catch several eggs and now we have to do our part. You have done a great job guys!" He then looked at her. "And you did good!"


A few days later called the doctor and was happy.
"We have now planted in many eggs in Nelly and it looks as if it will be successful."
Niall cheered
"So we are going to be parents?"
The doctor seemed as happy as Niall.
"Yes, it looks like it! Nelly must rest for a few days here at the hospital, so that we see that there will be something. Then we will get back to you and talk about how further she can go home to you!"


Niall couldn't stop talking about the kid and what they needed to buy home. Harry just laughed and looked at him with amusement.
"We don't know ...!"
Niall looked at him and interrupted Harry directly.
"I know it will work and in nine months you and I have a child!"
Harry nodded and became serious. It felt unreal, and he couldn't understand that it really happened.
"Nursery?" Harry asked, and direct light Niall up.
"I thought that the old guest room would be our child's room. I have already planned how to set everything and it's going to be great!"

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