Once I have You - Narry part 2

The first book was called "Once I found you" and this is part two. Still, I write about Narry and their relationship. I hope you will find this story as interesting as the last one?

In part two Harry and Niall are in the village. They choose to remain and Niall want to get a family with Harry. Having children is one of his dreams, but the way there aren't as they intended.


2. Everyday

Niall laughed when Harry fell from the ladder. It had been some time since they returned to England. They chose to stay and keep Harry's legacy. The villagers were happy because they got to keep the works. It took time before everyone accepted that Harry and Niall were a couple, a couple of fags! After some time, all got used to the fact that they was gay and therefore they chose them to show their love openly. Nialls parents did everything to show that they approved the relationship. They were afraid that the boys would escape again, and they didn't want to lose her son.


Niall and Harry had decided to renovate the house. They wanted to remove the old and in with new things. Harry didn't give up but felt that they would do most things on their own.
"Craftsman only cost money and they do it so impersonal!" he thought. But now when he fell from the ladder, he had another thought. "Maybe we should hire some to help us?"
Niall giggled and helped Harry up to his feet again. They kissed lightly and then took Harry hand over his man's mouth.
"I married you because you would help me in any weather, but not that you would laugh at me!"
Niall only giggled
"But you're funny!"

Harry sighed and smiled big. He took his hands around Nialls waist and pushed him against himself.
"You are the most wonderful person I know, Niall!"
Irishman just smiled and kissed him lightly. They parted the lips and their tongues met. They loved each other's company and always showed each other how much love they had. They were a perfect couple, and nothing could come between them.
"You make me horny!" Harry mumbled and smiled at Nialls lips. "Shall we go up?"
Niall nodded and handle against him.
"A quickie?"
They didn't have time to go upstairs.


The doorbell rang, and Harry sighed lightly. He released Niall and gave him a sorrowful glaze.
"Must hear who it is!" Then he went out into the main hall and opened the door. It was one of the employees.
"We have problems with cow pasture and you have to come now!"
"Okay!" Harry mumbled and took off his paint clothes. He had his usual and could easily follow out in the yard.


Niall picked up brushes and then went up to the bedroom. He took off his clothes and showered before he took on his usual. Harry had had much to do since they hired all again. It was as if there was always work to do and they got few moments to be a couple on. It was as if they barely saw each other any more and Niall was missing Harry. Maybe because they were now adults and this is how it would be? Niall sighed and went down again. He went into the kitchen and put the kettle on.


Harry came into the kitchen and went over to him. He hugged Niall hard from behind and kissed him lightly on the neck.
Niall sighed
"You always have jobs to do, when can the employees take care of by them self? Then you don't have to set up all the time!"
Harry sighed and rubbed Niall over the stomach. It was a hard job to get up and running again, but Harry really wanted this. He wanted to let the yard go in the family, but realized that Niall didn't like it.
"I promise to try to get them to take care of it them selves!" whacked him and took his hands inside Nialls sweater. He caressed him up over his chest and pressed against his back. Niall groaned and smiled a little bit. He turned off the stove and turned around.
"So we'll continue where we left off?"
Harry smiled and nodded. He pulled up Nialls shirt and kissed him lightly on the chest. Niall groaned and enjoyed the warmth he felt. Harry started to unbutton his pants and pretty soon he pulled them down.
"All of Niall!" he murmured and knelt before him. He took his cock between his lips and slowly started to suck him. Niall groaned loudly and looked down on his man. Niall slowly began to move on the hip and pulled his hands through Harry's hair.


So it was time again. Harry's cell phone rang and he had to take it. Niall sighed and saw Harry walk out into the hall. Niall pulled up his pants and turned toward the water. There was no idea to do something. They were always interrupted. Niall took and poured the water into a cup and then he took tea. Why wasn't it fun any more? In the past, could they just get the idea to go away, find things to do, but now it was all tied up at the farm. The employees would constantly interfere all the time, and the phone rang through the night. Niall sigh! He regretted that they had chosen to stay in the village! It would have been better if they had stayed in Hawaii.


"It gets better!" said his mother Maura and hugged Niall tightly. "Harry just have to get up and running the farm and you know how people are? They want to make sure that everything will be as good as possible!"
Niall sighed and released her.
"But he has changed and isn't the same guy I married!"
Maura tried not to look worried. She wanted her son to be happy, even if he was gay. The question was how she would help him?
"Dad and I have had our fights and life isn't easy. You have to work with a relationship and be sure to compromise!"
Niall looked at her that she meant well. He sat on down the kitchen chair and looked out the window.
"But he will not compromise! He runs on and doesn't seem to bother about me any more!" 
Maura sighed slightly and sat down beside him.
"Come on! You know Harry loves you, but the farm is important to him. His father owned it and his grandfather, and before that it has been passed down to each son!"
Niall looked at her and understood what she meant. The farm was more important than anything else? Maybe that Niall was just egotistical that he wanted something else? The only thing was that he thought they would have time for each other.
"If he doesn't change I don't know if this is my dream!" Niall whispered. "I don't know if I can cope with such a life, but I'll give Harry a chance and I understand him!"

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