Black eyes

The movella is about a girl with a host in her body....

(Jeg har valgt nummer 3. hvor man skal skrive en historie om Carry)


3. What happened

I washed my hands and my face a million times, but I still felt I was dirty. I couldn't wash a murder away. I went down in the kitchen. My mom stood and looked out of our window. She ran over to me. She gave me a big hug. “They think it was an animal”, she whispered to me.

“Don't be worried. They will kill it”. I would like to scream to her: “They can't it was me. I'm guilty”. But I couldn't. I looked down on my fingers. I felt that there still was blood on them. A policeman ran into the house. He looked on my mom and said: “We will make an investigation”.

My mom opened her mouth, but the policemen continued: “but it is gonna be hard because we haven't any clues”. My mom looked scared. “Why?”, she whispered. The policeman sighed: “because we only have half a girl”. My mom said a weird sound. “Sorry, can you please go with me out to the crime scene?”, he said and pointed on the door. My mom said: “Yes”. She gave me a hug and followed the policeman. I looked after them before I went to the bathroom.

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