Black eyes

The movella is about a girl with a host in her body....

(Jeg har valgt nummer 3. hvor man skal skrive en historie om Carry)


1. The host

All the pain exploded inside me. Something attacked me inside my head. Inside my body. Some light came out of my chest, it exploded and some glitter also flew out from my chest. The pain, it was in my whole body. I couldn't feel my legs. Everything in the room were dark and blurred. I fell down on the floor. The pain was so big. My organs screamed. I coughed some black slime up. The black slime also soaked out of my ears, eyes and nose. I couldn't see anything from all the black slime. I coughed again, but this time I also coughed up blood.

My fingers were bloody and filled with the black slime. The slime came no longer out of my eyes, nose and ears. The pain was no longer in my body only in my throat. I ran out on the road.

My fingers, my legs. I couldn't control them. A girl ran down of the road. I jumped. My fingers bored into the girls skin. She screamed. Slowly all the life in her ran out together with all the blood.

She fell down on the road. I looked down on her and began to eat her. I bit in her. I ate her slowly.

I looked down on my fingers. They were red. I looked at the house. I remembered. I remembered something. I closed my eyes. I opened them again and ran back into the house.

Still with the girls blood on my fingers.

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