Black eyes

The movella is about a girl with a host in her body....

(Jeg har valgt nummer 3. hvor man skal skrive en historie om Carry)


4. The end or..?

Now you are the only one who knows what had happened. I looked at my reflection for a last time. I had taken that decision that nobody were safe close to me. I needed to kill myself and the thing inside me. The thing who had made my blood, mind and eyes black. The thing who made me kill a girl. Slowly I went up to the window. I placed myself in the windowsill and jumped.


Later in the news they wrote about a girl who was killed and a girl who committed suicide because she had seen the other girl. The person who wrote the news wrote about the second girl: “she was so happy and normal. So how could all this happen?”. Maybe it was because she was completely normal that all this happened. Because she wasn't different.


After some time most people in the town had forgotten it all. But only those persons who had read this know what really had happened, and only people who know “The thing” know that you can't kill it and it always will find a new host....

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