Black eyes

The movella is about a girl with a host in her body....

(Jeg har valgt nummer 3. hvor man skal skrive en historie om Carry)


2. How it started

I was one of those girls. Those girls with green eyes, brown hair and a name on “Top 10 names” of this year. Completely normal. I got the normal mark, lived in a normal house with my mom, dad and sister. There wasn't anything unusual about me. I lived in a little town. The town was the last place any superstitious would happen, or it was what I thought until all the pain came. I still went to school and made my homework, but something was completely different. Sometimes when I looked in the mirror my eyes became black. I got long blackouts. But I had never woken up like I did this morning. This morning was different from the other mornings. I woke up with dark blood on my clothes. My whole floor was black and dark red. When I looked out of my window I saw the rest of a girl and many policemen. The police was everywhere. I became scared. Could I have done that? I closed my eyes and tried to remember. What happened last night? I felt like I had been in a trance. I couldn't remember anything. I went out on the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. My eyes were black. Like all the other days where I couldn't remember anything, but this morning was still different. They were completely black and under my eyes I had long black and red stripes. My eyes were more black than all the other times and the blackout had been so long. The other times it had only been 2 hours. This time it had been a whole night. I looked in the mirror again. I looked like a monster. But maybe it was that I was. A monster. A killer. A ripper.

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