Life as a Fanfiction

17 year old Tori is up in her room a lot. If she isn't in school she's in her room reading fan fictions. Ever since her mother died in a car crash her dad has been a drug addict and an alcoholic. What happens when one day her dad is to drunk to realize what she is doing so Tori can sneak out and go to her first ever One direction concert. Will a certain blonde haired Irish boy see her? Will they fall in love? Will her dad come and get her? Will he save her? Will her life be like a fan fiction now? Find out in Life as a Fan Fiction.


7. Will dad find out?

The concert was amazing specially when you watch from backstage like really you get this huge new view. When we got back Niall brought me on stage and gave me a mic and I ended up having to say yes in front off everybody. Im not complaining but I was a little nervous like what if it gets on television and my dad ends up seeing it and what if he comes looking for me and what if he finds me and hurts me or even worse hurts Niall and then he might take me away from Niall. There is just a lot of 'what ifs' in my head at the moment.

Finally the concert ended and all the boys cam backstage.

"Tori you ready we just have to go to the dressing room change get this stupid make up off then we can go to your house get your stuff and then we can go home and you can meet the rest of the boys personally. Sound like a plan?" Niall asked me sweetly.

"Um actually about the getting my things deal can we actually go tomorrow while my father is at work so there is absolutely no chances of me getting caught?"

"yah of corse whatever suits you better I just want to make sure you feel safe and are safe. Also I want you to know that your father cant hurt you when you are with me I would never let him any where near you. Plus we have a lot of security and they are very big and strong I don't think your father would be able to come even closer then a mile to you I promise. Okay?"

"You promise?" I asked timidly.

"I promise anything for you." He said kissing my forehead and taking my hand walk us both to the dressing room. When we got there he brought me into the dressing room.

"Um Niall I honestly don't want to move to fast I mean we did just meet."

"Don't worry Im gunna change in the bathroom I just don't want you out of my sight, because if you are out of my sight I cant promise myself that you are going to be safe but don't worry I totally agree with why you wouldn't want me to change in front of you." He laughed at the last part before grabbing some clothes off the hangers and walking into the bathroom. Once I heard the door shut and the lock turn I started to look around the room. There was a lot of pictures of Niall and the rest of One Direction. There was one picture that really caught my attention. It was a picture of what I believe was him and his grandparents from when Niall was like about five I think. I heard the lock click again and walked quickly over to the couch and sat down. Niall walked out in gray sweatpants and a red sweatshirt overall he looked really good. He walked over to me picked me up and we walked out the door. He ended up carrying me all the way to the car. He finally put me down but to only unlock the door to the car before he picked me up again while laughing he put me in the passenger seat. His laugh was so adorable.


~Skip car ride to the boys house~

Once we were in the house we ended up just going straight to bed instead me meeting the boys we would just do that tomorrow. When we got upstairs Niall gave me clothes to change into for bed. I walked into the bathroom to change. His clothes were huge on me but I liked it. It helped me feel safe and they smelt just like him. When I finished changing I walked back into the bedroom and saw Niall about to leave the room.

"were are you going?"

"I was just going to go to the couch for bed I thought you would be more comfortable to be by yourself."

"Please don't go I would feel so much safer if you stayed please Niall stay."

"Okay I will" I went over to the bed and got in under the duvet. I felt the bed dip me knowing it was Niall. He draped his arm around my waist. I stiffened at first but then I relaxed into his arms knowing I was safe.

" Niall thank you for everything you are doing I don't think I can thank you enough."

"I would do anything for you princess so stop thanking me."

"Im sorry."

"Well you also don't have to be sorry, how about we get some shut eye sound good?"

"Yeah goodnight Niall."

"Goodnight beautiful." was the last thing I heard before I fell in to the best sleep I had ever had.



I finally updated and plus it is kind of long I hope everybody enjoys it. thank you for reading. Please like it favorite it and comment. lov yuh bii

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