Life as a Fanfiction

17 year old Tori is up in her room a lot. If she isn't in school she's in her room reading fan fictions. Ever since her mother died in a car crash her dad has been a drug addict and an alcoholic. What happens when one day her dad is to drunk to realize what she is doing so Tori can sneak out and go to her first ever One direction concert. Will a certain blonde haired Irish boy see her? Will they fall in love? Will her dad come and get her? Will he save her? Will her life be like a fan fiction now? Find out in Life as a Fan Fiction.


5. "What's wrong with me"

As I ran off the stage I ran to the nearest door bawling my eyes out!  I ran and sat on the crib outside balling my eyes out.

"what the hell is wrong with me!" I screamed. I knew I couldn't go out with him cause my father has a strict rule about dating and if I broke it who knows what he would do to me. I couldn't leave because Samantha was my ride and she was inside enjoying the concert. I couldn't go in there though because it would be very awkward for me . As I sat there crying I felt a hand on my shoulder I moved away quickly and stood up. I looked at the person it was a nod it was Niall Horan. Oh fuck this is awkward.

"hey gorgeous why did you run out on me"

"my father has a very strict rule against dating"

"so we could hide it"

"the thing is you don't understand with my father, you don't understand what he would do to me"

"you act like he beats you" he laughed at that but I didn't I stayed quiet.

"don't tell me he really does beat you" I nodded shyly 

"princess I can't let you go back there you can't I won't allow it a beautiful girl like you doesn't deserve to be beaten." He said. Niall Horan just called me beautiful my cheeks turned red and I let my lips curve into a small smile."come and live with me please !" 

" oh, no I could never that would be asking for to much"

no it wouldn't since I'm asking you please"

"okay fine and to the question you asked me on the stage yes I would love to out with you!!"

"yay okay though now let's go the show still isn't over yet you can watch from back stage"

 we ran off I can't believe this is happening to me I date the fucking Niall Horan and I am going to start living with him it's like my life is turning into a fan fiction.

~*mental note to self*~

~explain to Niall about my life my mom and my dad and why I said no in the first place.~


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