Life as a Fanfiction

17 year old Tori is up in her room a lot. If she isn't in school she's in her room reading fan fictions. Ever since her mother died in a car crash her dad has been a drug addict and an alcoholic. What happens when one day her dad is to drunk to realize what she is doing so Tori can sneak out and go to her first ever One direction concert. Will a certain blonde haired Irish boy see her? Will they fall in love? Will her dad come and get her? Will he save her? Will her life be like a fan fiction now? Find out in Life as a Fan Fiction.


2. Morning

I woke up with the sun shinning in my face it was like I was still in my dream until my dad took me out of it.

"Tori get your ass out of your damn bed now!" he said as he through my covers off of me and through me onto the floor.

"I'm sorry" were the only words that came out of my mouth ever since my father started beating me I can't help but say I'm sorry. Like it was my fault my mom and sister died. I know its not but he takes it out on me like it is. "What ever just get your 'sorry' ass out of bed or you WILL pay it" all he said before he left my room. It was strange he didn't hit me or kick me or even rush me all he did was through me on the floor. I'm not saying I wanted a beaten trust me I'm happy I wasn't just it was weird something was wrong or maybe he just changed his ways. I got up from my spot on the floor took a shower and got dressed and ready for school. As I made my way downstairs I saw no one it was absolutely empty.

"dad" I called nothing "dad" silence "dad"

I made my way into the living room there he was smoking and drinking on the cough high and drunk great I guess I'm walking to school today with Sam. As I went to grab my phone to call Sam I heard a noise. It was my dad talking to himself.

"I'm sorry Alexandria I'm trying my hardest to take care of her I promise its just to hard if only I could have gotten you to stay home and I would've went grocery shopping instead, I'm sorry. Please Alexandria you and Tricia give me a sign you are okay. I love you guys so much!!"

He started to cry that was hard for me I never saw my dad cry he never did cry. Maybe it was okay for me to talk to him. I walked over to the couch trying to help him and maybe for once in my life we could have a father daughter moment. But I was wrong as soon as I sat down I was down. BOOM right there he slapped me and gave me one good punch to the left cheek. I fell off the couch and on to my knees holding onto my cheek man did it sting. As I looked up I saw my dad looking angry at my all I could say was "why....?"

"Why, why you ask because you caused all of this if it wasn't for you I would still have them and we could be one happy family but no you had to go ruin everything now go to your stupid ass school."

I wanted to ask why but I knew I couldn't it would just make matters a lot worse. So I got up and grabbed my bag and my jacket and walked out the door. As soon as I got to the corner I called Samantha and asked her to come and meet me. She told me to start walking to her house and we would meet half way. As I started walking I couldn't help think about my mom and sister. Tears pricked my eyes close to falling but as I saw a blurry figure that looked a lot like Samantha I had to wipe my eyes.

"Hi Tori" Samantha said with a smile on her lips.

"Hi Samantha" I said with a fake smile

~Samantha's POV~

I could definitely tell that the smile on her face was fake but if I asked she would probably make up another excuse as usual.

"What's that on your face" I asked her " It looks kind of like a black eye are you okay Tori."

"Um.. Oh...Uh.... Yah I'm fine I just fell down the stairs this morning. I'm uh.... fine though I promise" She said

"um oh okay. Well when we get to school we can go fix it with make up!"

All she did was nod I knew something was wrong but why wouldn't she tell I have been her best friend since we were in kindergarten. Why cant she tell me.

~Tori's POV~

I hope she didn't realize anything my dad said if any one found out it would be much worse!!!!

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