What really happened (ON CONDITIONAL HOLD, back in the New Year!)

This is the story of Snape, Lily and the marauders. What really happened all those years ago. The story of where Petunia and Lily fell apart. The story of how Harry Potter came to be. The story of the Prince's Tale.
P.S towards the end of the book, there might be alternate endings.



5. Train Ride

Severus stood by his mum, her hands on his shoulders. He scoured the platform for Lily and finally saw her across the platform, arguing with 'Tuney' "Listen, Tuney..." "Don't call me that!" Snapped Petunia. "Once I go to Hogwarts, I might be able to persuade Dumbledore to let you come!" "You think I want to come?" "That's what you said in the letter you wrote to Dumbledore and begged him to let you come!" "Beg, I didn't beg!" "I saw his reply, it was very kind." "You shouldn't have read..... that's my private.....how could you?" Lily glances towards Snape, who glanced meekly back. "That boy found it, you and that boy snuck into my room!" Accused Petunia "No, we didn't sneak, Sev saw the envelope and he couldn't believe a Muggle could have contacted Hogwarts, that's all, he said that wizards must work in the postal service-" "It seems wizards poke their noses in everywhere! Freak!" She spat at her sister and went to stand by her parents. Then the students were asked to board the train. Lily found herself an empty compartment, then a few rowdy boys entered. A few minutes later, Severus came in, already in his uniform. "I don't want to talk to you." Said Lily in a wobbly, cobstricted voice. "T-Tuney hates me, because we saw that letter from Dumbledore." "So?" "So, she's my sister." "She's only a-" He stopped quickly, fortunately Lily was too busy trying to stop crying to notice. "But this is it, we're going to Hogwarts!" Severus exclaimed, Lily nodded and mopped her eyes."You'd better be in Slytherin!" Severus said, encouraged by her change of mood. "Slytherin? Who wants to be in Slytherin?" Said a boy with floppy black hair and glasses. "I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" He asked a boy, who was flopping about on the seats opposite him. The boy didn't smile. "My whole family's been in Slytherin." "Blimey, and I thought you were alright!" The other boy grinned. "Who knows, maybe I'll be different! Where are you going if you have a choice?" "Gryffindor, where the brave dwell at heart!" Said the scruffy haired boy, lifting an imaginary sword. Severus made a disparaging noise. "Problem with that?" Asked the boy, looking at Severus like he was a piece of dirt on the ground. "Not neccasarily, but if you'd rather be brawny than brainy..." "And where do you expect to go, seeing as you're neither?" Spat the other boy. All his mates chuckled. "Come on Severus, let's find somewhere else!" Said Lily, standing up. The boys giggled and imitated her lofty voice. "See ya round Snivellus!" The boy with the glasses yelled to Lily and Severus' retreating backs.
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