What really happened (ON CONDITIONAL HOLD, back in the New Year!)

This is the story of Snape, Lily and the marauders. What really happened all those years ago. The story of where Petunia and Lily fell apart. The story of how Harry Potter came to be. The story of the Prince's Tale.
P.S towards the end of the book, there might be alternate endings.



1. Swings

The two sisters, Lily and Petunia Evans were on the swings outside their picturesque cottage, the one with the huge chimney. Severus watched them with his haunting black eyes from his hiding place behind the clump of bushes. He was dressed in his usual attire, long-ish, black, tousled hair brushing against the shoulders of his overlarge coat, that looked like it belonged to a grown man, tiny shorts and an extremely odd smock like shirt.


The youngest, Lily began to swing higher and higher than her elder sister.

"Lily, don't do it!" The bossy, outspoken Petunia shrieked, but it was too late. Lily had let go of the chain link sides of the string at the peak of it's curve and flew, literally, landing daintily on the cracked earth, that had been greatly affected by the humid heat wave that summer. "Mummy told you not to!" Petunia tried to make her whine sound like she was a superior sister caring for her younger, but really she was jealous, she had tried flying but had only ended up with a twisted ankle. It wasn't fair! Why did her younger sister get all the talents? 

"Tuney, look what I can do." Lily was showing off now, she picked a dead flower from the bottom of the bush, where Severus was and with her touch it opened in her hand, then closed and continued this way until it looked like some sort of strange clam. 

"STOP!" Screamed Petunia

"It's not hurting you, it's just cool!"

"It's not cool... how do you do it?" Secretly, Petunia desperately wanted to be able to do cool things like Lily, she just didn't want to show it.

"Isn't it obvious?" Severus revealed himself now, he looked like a vampire in the bright sunlight.

"Who are you?" Petunia asked startled at the some time as Lily asked,

"What's obvious?"

"You're a witch." Lily looked hurt whilst Petunia cackled in a high pitched voice.

"That's not very nice." Lily moaned tears pricking her eyes, she began to walk towards the house.

"No, I'm a wizard, it's true!"

"Your not a wizard, your just weird old Snape from Spinner's End!" And with that, Lily and Petunia marched into the distance. 

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