What really happened (ON CONDITIONAL HOLD, back in the New Year!)

This is the story of Snape, Lily and the marauders. What really happened all those years ago. The story of where Petunia and Lily fell apart. The story of how Harry Potter came to be. The story of the Prince's Tale.
P.S towards the end of the book, there might be alternate endings.



2. Severus

The next day, Severus found himself wandering over to the swings where the girl had been. He plonked himself down on one of the seats, making the chains jingle. 

"I've been expecting you." Severus heard from beside him. He turned to see the pretty, auburn haired girl from yesterday.

"I didn't know you were here, I'm sorry I'll go now, where's your sister?" Severus spluttered in an upset tone.

"She's not here, and Severus, please don't leave, I want to talk to you."

"You-you-you do?" Severus couldn't help but let a large grin spread across his face. 

"Yes, I'm sorry I stormed off yesterday, am I really a-a..." She looked nervous as she tried to finish her sentence, but Severus cut her off.

"There's no need to be afraid to say it, yes you're a witch and this September, we'll be going to Hogwarts!"

"Tell me more, Severus!" Lily pleaded

"Ok, but somewhere more private, were too, exposed. Oh and you can call me Sev."

"Is that what your friends call you?" Lily asked letting him lead her away by the hand. Severus brushed the question away and began talking excitedly about the wizarding world. What neither of the children noticed was that creeping silently behind them, was Petunia.


Severus stopped when they reached a small clearing by a lake. Petunia hid behind thick tree, just in earshot of them.

"But Severus, I have done magic outside school, will I go to Azkaban?" Lily asked, fear quaking in her voice like an earthquake. 

"No, it doesn't count yet, only when you get a wand, but anyway you won't get sent to Azkaban for that, you'll probably only get expelled or something."

"Will the letter really come by owl?"

"Usually, but because your Muggle-born, I think someone comes to explain."

"Sev," Severus smiled slightly as she said his name, like she was his friend.


"Does it make a difference, being Muggle-born?" Severus pondered over what to answer, his instinct was to say it did, but that might upset Lily. 

"No, not at all!" Severus finally replied a fake grin on his face.

"Good." Lily sighed, letting out a ton of relief, it was obvious she'd been worrying."How are things at your house?" Severus picked up some leaves and began shredding them angrily

"Fine." He said his forehead creasing.

"So they're not arguing?"

"Oh, they're arguing, maybe just a little bit less than before."

"Severus you know if you ever...." But Lily was cut off by a loud rustling behind them. Petunia had lost her footing and now lay crumpled on the ground, but as she saw Lily and Severus looking she picked herself up and pretended nothing had happened.

"Why are you spying on us?"

"You spied on us before!" Petunia retorted, realising there was no use denying it.

"Wasn't spying, anyway, wouldn't spy on you, you're a muggle!" Severus spat, eyes turning into slits. Lily sat in between them not quite knowing what to do. Suddenly Petunia screamed and fell to the ground again as a loud crack sounded. A thick branch lay on top of her. 

"Severus, how could you." Lily shouted jumping to her feet.

"It wasn't me." 

"It's for your own good your being sent to that rotten school, for freaks like you, it's to protect us normal people from you freaks!" Petunia shrieked, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I'm not a freak, that's a horrible thing to say." Lily said, close to tears herself. But Petunia wasn't listening she was already heading back to the house.

"Don't listen to her, come on Lily." Severus tugged at her arm.

"Don't tell me what to do, Severus, you hurt my sister and I'm not going to say another word to you!" 

"No Lily, wait..." But it was too late, again, Lily was already trying to apologise to her older sister, and soon they were lost in the distant fog. Severus had slipped up, again!

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