What really happened (ON CONDITIONAL HOLD, back in the New Year!)

This is the story of Snape, Lily and the marauders. What really happened all those years ago. The story of where Petunia and Lily fell apart. The story of how Harry Potter came to be. The story of the Prince's Tale.
P.S towards the end of the book, there might be alternate endings.



7. Getting Sorted

About an hour later, Lily and Severus were standing in the Great Hall, holding hands. Severus was clinging on to his last hope that Lily would be in Slytherin, but deep down inside him he knew it was no use. 

"I hope I am in Slytherin, I can't face being away from Sev." Lily muttered as she heard her name called. She let go of Severus' hand and walked over to the rickety stool. Barely a second after the patchy hat had landed on her bright red hair, it cried,

"GRYFFINDOR!" The red table burst into peals of applause, but Lily walked slowly, dragging her feet, towards her seat, flashing Severus sorry looks. He let out a small groan. A space was made for Lily on the bench, but when seeing it was the boys from the train she would be sitting next to, Lily narrowed her eyes and went to sit somewhere else. James Potter stared at the girl with a wishful look on his face. 

"Snape, Severus." Severus, not doubting at all that he and Lily were heading separate ways, didn't change his mournful expression as the hat was placed on his greasy, black hair. As expected, Severus Snape was sorted into Slytherin. A beaming Lucius Malfoy, proudly displaying a prefect badge, patted Severus on the back as he took his seat. He turned to look at Lily, who shrugged sadly and smiled at him weakly. He smiled back, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. 


A/N sorry it's so  short but I needed to save some of the story for Bonfire Night, when I shall be revealing the winners and continuing the story!!!!!!!!

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