What really happened (ON CONDITIONAL HOLD, back in the New Year!)

This is the story of Snape, Lily and the marauders. What really happened all those years ago. The story of where Petunia and Lily fell apart. The story of how Harry Potter came to be. The story of the Prince's Tale.
P.S towards the end of the book, there might be alternate endings.



9. Fireworks

Lily Evans woke up one dull November Saturday morning and set off to find Severus, like she'd promised she'd do every Saturday. She got dressed in a lime green smock top, a fuzzy blue cardigan and some purple leggings. She pulled her hair into a messy topknot and slipped her feet into some red ballet flats. She was about halfway down the corridor when she collided with a blonde-haired slim Hufflepuff. They lay sprawled on the floor until the girl got off Lily and they both brushed the dust off their clothes. The Hufflepuff towered above Lily when standing at full height.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I haven't quite settled in yet, I'm trying to find my toad Muffin, MUFFIN!" The girl leapt into a small broom cupboard and emerged clutching a brown, bumpy toad in her hands. "Black, Penny Black by the way. Sirius's Black's cousin. Daughter to Bell-" She stopped herself and looked shamefully at her feet. 

"Evans, Lily Evans. Nice to meet you Penny. I suppose you've got lots of friends already."

"Actually, I don't, I was wondering maybe if we could be friends?"

"Sure, do you want to go hang out at the lake?"

"Yeah, lets take a picnic with us! And board games, I have a tuck hamper with me!" Exclaimed Penny, rubbing her belly. Lily chuckled.

"Come on then let's go!" The packed a small picnic basket and set off. As they were walking across the grounds a girl deliberately ran into Lily, knocking her to the ground.

"Filthy Mudblood!" She spat. Penny and a Ravenclaw helped her up.

"That's Sally Brooke, from Slytherin, she fancies James. Personally, Sirius is the one for me. Amaris Lane by the way." Said the girl sighing and staring at the Marauders in the distance. "Anyway got to go!" Said Amaris, sprinting off to find her friends. Two Gryffindors, Kaili Corduroy and Allera Elton, brushed past Penny and Lily.

"That's the one I was telling you about, the one who's friends with Snivellus." Kaili whispered to her friend. Allera only nodded mysteriously, but a large grin flickered on her face. The two girls ran off, both laughing. Lily looked sadly at her feet. Penny put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"Come on, I'm starving." Penny whispered softly, pulling Lily away. They had a glorious picnic, but a small part of Lily still felt put out. That all changed when the skies darkened and they were called in for a special Bonfire Night dinner. The story of Bonfire Night for wizards is slightly different to the one for muggles, but I won't go into detail about it. After an early supper, the hundreds of children and the staff went out into the grounds for a special firework display. Penny and Lily sat next to each other. Some of the fireworks made Hogwarts crests in the sky, some made wands with spells coming out the ends and others formed a group of dancing wizards. Lily was so happy and awe-struck, she didn't notice Severus watching her angrily and jealously from a corner. Lily had forgotten all about her promise, and Severus was absolutely furious. 

DUN! DUN! DUN!                 


Hi peeps lunallamabrian here (who else would it be?), i just felt like doing the dun dun dun thing, ok in case you are a little confused, here is an explanation.


My friend picked HearMeRoarKaty as the winner with her amazing character Penny Black, but all the characters were so good I thought I'd include all of them as chorus singers, if you like, and have Penny as the lead singer. That make sense? So all the characters will be in the story but only vaguely and don't worry if you missed out or are not HearMeRoarKaty there'll be other competitions later on in the book!


PENNY BLACK - HearMeRoarKaty 


AMARIS LANE- NettleSilver23195

ALLERA ELTON- linaegranger118


These are not in order (apart from the top one), my friend just picked a winner not a second etc, etc. Thank you for entering and I hope you have/had (whichever) a lovely Bonfire Night!





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