Betrayal: My story.

This is a story about a girl named Taylah Evans (Me). What has happened over the past few years, (All this has been reported though, so don't worry) Sexual content and mature language, please read sensibly.


3. The dream.

-Having the dream- I dunno what was going on, it was pitch black, but it felt real. Then Josh appeared, we were in a room, well, it didn't look like a room, I don't know what it looked like or what it was, it was all messed up. But, i could make a few things out of it. There was a cream coloured wall, with wooden floors, a window? It was a big room. Josh and I were on a bed, that was defiantly a queen sized bed. Man, Josh looked hot.

He climbed on top of me. I wanted to push him away but I didn't. He had his hands and legs either side of me. I put my arms around his neck and we both leaned in for s kiss. It wasn't just a peck, it was a sweet, wet, warm, meaningful and passionate kiss. Mmm, it was amazing, I could feel my underwear getting wet. He moved his lips from mine, we were less then a centimeter apart. He gave me a little smile and moved his lips down me neck. Ok, my body was loving this. He move his lips down my collar bone and to my cleavage. He licked my cleavage, mm. He lifted up my top. Kissed all over my chest area and my tummy. Licked all around my body with his warm tongue. I could feel I was very wet. He squeezed my boobs and then just ripped my bra off. He seriously, just ripped it off.. Its broken!! He danced his fingertips around my nipples. My nipples were rock hard. He started to squeeze my boobs, slowly moved his mouth towards my boobs. He licked my boobs all over. Sucked on my nipples and even nibbled on them a bit. He took his top off, man he had such an amazing body, then he kissed down my stomach, to my underwear, since when wasn't I wearing pants? Anyways, he took my panties off with his teeth. He teased my by kissing my thighs, so close to my vagina. He slipped a finger in. I was so wet. I moan, really loud. He then slipped another finger in. Moving them in and out, in and out, while the other hand was rubbing my leg. He started sucking on my clitoris. I moaned louder. I was pulling on the sheets, this was just too great. He took is fingers out and licked them. Then he move his warm tongue up and down my very wet vagina. Oh my god. Ok, that felt amazing. "I am gonna cum baby" I screamed "Not yet" He said "I will give you something to make you come. He got up, took his pants off. He stood there a bit to give me a bit of a look, and he got a good view of my body too. Oh, he looked amazing, very, very amazing. His penis was huge too, and he shaved. He got on the bed. He grabbed my body and then turned me around. Then he slapped my ass, 3, 4, 5, 6 times! Ouch. Then he just stuck his dick in my ass! ------ Hi guys, hope you are enjoying, I am in a really good mood today :) But yeah, remember to like, favorite and comment! Thankyou guyyyyys, making me a very happy person, k?:) <3 <3

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