Betrayal: My story.

This is a story about a girl named Taylah Evans (Me). What has happened over the past few years, (All this has been reported though, so don't worry) Sexual content and mature language, please read sensibly.


2. Liar.

"Are they your friends"? Dad said. "Uh, uhm, yeah, they are my friends" I said, with a worried smile. We went straight home. Daniel was in the front seat, Zoe and I were in the back seats. When we got home, I went straight to mine (And Zoes) room, good thing she didn't follow. Mum still wasn't home yet. I started to text Josh. Our conversation Me: Hey :) Josh: Hello sexy x Me: How are you baby? x Josh: Missing you :( Josh: New picture message. Me: A.. nude? You cock? Its huge.. and you shave? Josh: Haha, yeah, you like it? You: Uhh.. Yeah, but I have never seen a dick before.. Josh: Send me a nude? Me: Not really ready :( Josh: Do it! Me; Umm.. Ok I wasn't really keen on it, but I thought he wouldn't like me if I didn't, so I better. Me: New picture message. Josh: Wow, your boobs are great! Me: Thank you :) Josh: Care to send anything else ;))) Josh: But you don't have to babe Me: Not really ready Josh: Oh well, I will see it soon enough. Was he talking about sex? Or oral sex? I dunno, I thought, frowning. I am not ready for any of that, I'm only 13. I just sent a nude, and him calling me sexy, saying nice stuff about that, made me feel so great about myself! Made me happy. I went to have tea, hot dogs, yum! Dad cooked them, just as he served them, mum walked through the door, "Hi mum" Daniel, Zoe and I said at exact same time. "Hi" Dad said, "Hi" Mum said, carrying shopping bags and in her "Cheap as chips" uniform. She works at Cheap as Chips, but the shit there isn't as cheap as chips. We all sat down and ate tea, had desert, had shower, watched some T.V and went to bed. Before I went to bed, I text Josh. Our conversation Me: Hey babe James: You sending more nudes sexy? ;) Me: Naah uh, sorry I am in bed, hah James: Oh, goodnight hotty. x Me: Ohh.. Goodnight x I was hoping I could text him all night, but, ok... I went to sleep and had a dream. ----- Hi guys! :) I hope you enjoyed that chapter, it isn't that long but oh well :) I am enjoying writing it c: It does bring back bad memories, but its good to write it out :)) So, remember, its based on a true story! Have a nice day/night :) Love you all <3
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