Betrayal: My story.

This is a story about a girl named Taylah Evans (Me). What has happened over the past few years, (All this has been reported though, so don't worry) Sexual content and mature language, please read sensibly.


1. It all begins.

He kept trying to pull me towards him, I could tell by his eyes he wanted sex. He kept touching me but his friend was right there! I wasn't ready for this. 

Hello, my name is Taylah Evans, I am currently 13. It is April, 2012. I am at my brothers footy match, he plays for Langhorne Creek (The mighty hawks)! But, we are versing Strathalbyn, we are at Strath footy club too. The bigger (but little) town very close to Langhorne Creek. Langhorne Creek is boring, I live out in the middle of nowhere, on a vineyard, 1600 acars. Anyways, I go to hight school in Strath, there is only a primary school in Creek. I look older then I am, but i am short, 5"4? Yeah. Red/Brown/Blonde hair, nice length, with blue eyes, average body, but a huge ass and decent boobs. 

Anyways, I classify Josh (Using the name 'James') as my first proper boyfriend, he was 19, nearly 20, I was 13, 14 in 5 months, so what? Even though I only just met him. But, I really wanted a boyfriend. I only met him today, at my brothers football game, but we have been talking on Facebook for some time now. I was supposed to be showing my little sister the bathroom right now, but she left me. I walked up to James and his friend, and straight away he pulled me in for a kiss! He was really tall. But, I didn't know how to kiss?! But took the lead though, stuck his tongue in my mouth and he was touching my butt. Our tongues were fighting, him taking the win of course. Then he pulled his mouth away from me. "Hi Taylah" he said with a smirk, "Nice to finally meet you, you are really hot. This in my friend Adrian", "Hah! Thank you, nice to meet you Adrian" I said, I was really shy. 

He ended up kicking the footy with Adrian. Then he pulled out a smoke. He smokes? I thought, great, smokers breathe. We walked over to the netball caught. Sat on the bench and found a few people I know. I sat on his lap, but Emily and Josh are getting awfully close. I got a bit jealous. We started kissing, he kept snogging me, touching me in ways that my mind didn't like but my body loved it. I could feel my self getting wet. I told me self, I wasn't ready for this, someone will catch us. A few of my little sisters friends saw. My sister come and got me, she saw us kissing, but she is great, she didn't care. She even shook Josh's hand. How nice, I thought and smiled. I said bye to Josh and Adrian and walked back to the car with Zoe (My sister). She is amazing, I love her to bits, she is 11, such a funny and sweet girl. "Don't tell Dad, Mum, Daniel or anyone"! Daniel is my big brother, he is 14. He can be a dick. "Ok, I promise"  Zoe said happily. "My friends saw and they  told me" "Oh well, tell the to keep their mouths shut, please"? "Ok, I will". We went to the car, Dad was telling us to get in, Daniel was eating a pie. "Who were the guys you were walking with"? Dad said, sounded a bit angry and worried at the same time. ----- Hey guys! I know that was kinda short, but yeah. I will make the next ones longer, promise. Remember, this is based on a true story, its about me actually! Yeeeaah, hah. But I hope you may be enjoying it! Time for the next chapter! Thankyou for reading my lovelys <3 <3 :) 

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