You're the jerk I used to know

"But mom Harry is a jerk, he hates everyone and I know you don't like him so why did you invite him and his mother?" Allyson asks her mom.
"Harry is your friend and me and Anne are good friends. We have been meaning to have a catch up now when they get here please promise to be nice." Her mom replied.
"I'm not promising anything." Allyson said running up the stairs.
The Styles have always been a family friend of the Martina's. When Harry and Allyson were little they used to be the best of friends then when they started getting older Harry started changing he started getting tattoos and piercings and he turned into a total jerk. When the Styles announce that they are staying in the neighbor hood Allyson assumes that Harry is going to ruin her life...


37. Chapter 37.

"What did he say?" Emily asked running up to me.

"You don't know?" 

"Well all he told us was that he needed to get you somewhere private and ask you something. I thought he was going to propose or something." Emily laughed.

"We aren't even together." I said.

"I know I know it was just a thought. But what did he say?" 

I sighed before pulling out the plane ticket.

"Wait... Harry wants you to go to London with him?" 

I nodded.

"You have to go." 

I shook my head. It's too early. I have just recently seen him for the first time in 5 months and he wants me to go to London with him." I said.

"It doesn't matter. If you go to London you'll be with him the whole time. It's not like it's forever right?" 

"It's only for a few months but thats besides the point." 

"Whats stopping you?"

"Everything. My family, You guys. I'll miss you all too much." 

"Well when you come back after a few months then we can have a big get together and then no one will go anywhere."

I knew that Emily was not going to give up. I wanted to go with Harry but something was stopping me. 

"You're scared." Emily said.

I looked at her shook my head frantically.

"No." I said half lying.

I didn't want to believe that I was scared but I knew I was.

"You are. What are you so afraid of?"

I ignored her and continued walking to the car.

"Ally there is nothing to be scared of."

I stopped and turned to look at her.

"I'm going home." I said walking off. 

I tried to walk past Louis car without being spotted with the boys but being the clumsy person I am I fell over.

"Ally are you alright?" Zayn said getting out of the car.

"Fine." I said getting up.

"Where's Emily?" Niall asked.

"Uhh…" I said looking behind me.

I didn't see her at first  but then she ran out of some bushes.

"I was going to scare you guys but then when I went in the bushes I saw someone so I ran out and here I am." Emily said puffed.

"God if something happened to you I swear to god I would die." Niall said hugging her.

I smiled at them and then looked at Zayn.

"Are you going with Harry?" Zayn asked.

I looked at him in confusion...

"How did you know and Emily didn't?" I asked.

"Harry thought that if he told Emily then she would tell you everything." Louis called out.

"Hey! This is a big deal of course I would tell Ally. She should have had at least a weeks notice." Emily said.

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Thats besides the point Harry is expecting Ally to go tomorrow." Louis said.

I rolled my eyes. 

"Are you going or not?" Louis asked me.

I shrugged. 

"I don't know."

"Ally you have to! If you don't you'll regret it." Niall said.

"It seems as if you guys are trying to get rid of me." I said.

"We are. But for your good." Emily said.

I looked at them all and sighed.

"Can you guys take me home?" I asked.

"All-" Zayn started.

"I need to think please take me home." I said.

Zayn nodded and we all hopped into the car. The whole ride was silent. No one said a word. When we pulled out by my house I hopped out and smiled at them all.

"If I do go…" I started.

They all looked at me and smiled.

"I don't want to leave with us not talking." I said.

"We will miss you Ally." Louis said.

"I'm not going anywhere yet." I said.

"Well we are saying bye in case you do." Zayn said smiling.

I smiled back. 

"Well I better get inside its quite cold." I said waving.

"Bye Ally." Niall said waving.

They all started to wave when suddenly Emily ran out and hugged me. I hugged her back.

"Have a good time with Harry yeah." She said winking at me.

I slapped her playfully on her arm.

"See yah." I said waving goodbye to them. 

I walked inside to see my mom in the lounge with some suitcases in front of her.

"What's happening?" I asked.

"You honey are going to London." 

I looked at her confused.

"But…" I started.

"No but's. Your going. I know you want to honey and I know it may be a bit to fast but just go along with everything that comes your way okay." She said hugging me.

I hugged her back with tears in my eyes.

"I'm going to miss you." I sobbed.

"Me to. But it's only for a few months." 

I nodded.

"Stop crying or your going to make me cry." My mom said giggling.

I laughed and we both sat on the couch and waited for time to go bye. I guess I'm going to London tomorrow...


(A/N Ugh I know this chapter is late and stupid! I don't like it but I needed to make this… But anyways I hope you guys liked this… :) Ily guys remember to like, comment and fan :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox)

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