You're the jerk I used to know

"But mom Harry is a jerk, he hates everyone and I know you don't like him so why did you invite him and his mother?" Allyson asks her mom.
"Harry is your friend and me and Anne are good friends. We have been meaning to have a catch up now when they get here please promise to be nice." Her mom replied.
"I'm not promising anything." Allyson said running up the stairs.
The Styles have always been a family friend of the Martina's. When Harry and Allyson were little they used to be the best of friends then when they started getting older Harry started changing he started getting tattoos and piercings and he turned into a total jerk. When the Styles announce that they are staying in the neighbor hood Allyson assumes that Harry is going to ruin her life...


31. Chapter 31.

Harry's P.O.V

Once we went over the plan a few times Ally wanted to have a shower. She excused herself and walked upstairs to have a shower. 

"I've talked to Chase." I blurted out.

Everyone turned their head to me and I shrugged.

"What did you guys talk about?" Zayn demanded.

"He told me that one if us is going to get away…"

"Like one of all of us? Does he know we are here?" Emily yelled.

"Keep your voice down." I muttered.

"Answer the god damn question." 

"He doesn't know. He meant that he will kill me or Ally."

Gasps were heard all around the room. 

"So we need to change the plan then." Niall spoke.

"No we are sticking with the plan. But no matter what happens Chase will still be after us until her gets either me or Ally."

"So what are you saying?" Emily asked.

"I'm saying no matter what happens keep Ally save."

"You are not sacrificing yourself are you?"

"No. But I am going to do whatever it takes to keep Ally safe. I need you guys not to tell Ally." I said.

"Why not?" Emily snapped.

"I just don't want her to get the wrong idea and do something stupid."

Everyone stayed silent before Louis spoke up.

"Okay. For Ally." He said.

"For Ally." Everyone said in Unison.

"For Ally what?" Ally said standing behind the couch.

Everyone looked at me and I groaned.

"Uh the plan is for you. To keep you safe so we all agreed on doing it." I said half lying.

"Uh okay then." Ally spoke before sitting next to Zayn.


An Hour and a half later...


Ally's P.O.V

"Is everyone ready?" Emily called out.

We all nodded our heads before hopping into cars. Me and Harry were in one and everyone else was in another one. As we were about to take off Liam ran into the driveway. 

"Wait." He yelled.

Harry stopped the car and hopped out.

"What do want?" He snapped.

"To warn you guys."


"Chase. Only one of you guys are going to get away. He wants to see you both." Liam said pointing to both of us.

Harry's anger started to build up. I could see his fists clench. 

"Chase already told me." He said. 

I looked at him in disbelief. Why wouldn't he tell me. 

"Just be careful." Liam said before running off.

Harry got back into the car and we left with the others following. As the ally way got closer and closer my chest got tighter. I was scared but I didn't let it show. When Harry Finally parked I got out of the car. My stomach started to ache but I ignored it. 

"You guys stay here. Emily remember to start this car as you see us running out of the Ally way and you guys stay here and follow us when we leave." 

Everyone nodded and me and Harry crossed the road to where we said I would meet Chase. 

"Everything will work out." Harry said.

When we got to the end of the ally way I saw a shadow coming towards us. I took a huge gulp waiting for the time when this will all end...

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