You're the jerk I used to know

"But mom Harry is a jerk, he hates everyone and I know you don't like him so why did you invite him and his mother?" Allyson asks her mom.
"Harry is your friend and me and Anne are good friends. We have been meaning to have a catch up now when they get here please promise to be nice." Her mom replied.
"I'm not promising anything." Allyson said running up the stairs.
The Styles have always been a family friend of the Martina's. When Harry and Allyson were little they used to be the best of friends then when they started getting older Harry started changing he started getting tattoos and piercings and he turned into a total jerk. When the Styles announce that they are staying in the neighbor hood Allyson assumes that Harry is going to ruin her life...


25. Chapter 25.

Allyson's P.O.V

"How do you and Harry know each other?" I asked.

Chase stopped in his tracks and looked at me.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it does."

"Me and Harry became friends at a bar. It was sudden but we got along and we became friends. Does that answer your question?" 

"Sort of..."

Chase started walking again and I followed. We were both silent.

"It's getting dark shoul-"

"I want you to stay away from Harry." Chase said cutting me off. 

I stayed silent. Why would he want me to stay away from Harry?


"You don't know him. When he was back in England he did a lot of unforgivable stuff."

"What if he has changed?"

"He might have but I don't want you go get hurt if he hasn't."

"What do you mean by hurt."

"Physically and mentally."

I stood in my spot for a few minutes before my phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID.

"It's Harry." I said looking up at Chase.

"Don't answer it."

I hung up on Harry, put my phone on silent then put my phone back in my pocket. I don't know what to say. 

"C'mon let me get you back home." 

Chase walked to his car and I followed. 

"Staying away from him will be the best thing to do. I wish I could have told my ex girlfriend that before..."

Chase stopped suddenly and I became interested.

"Before what?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does. Now tell me."

"Before... Harry killed her."

I was shocked. Harry wouldn't kill a girl. Well thats what I thought.

"Are you sure it was him I mean like I could have been someone else."

"It was him Ally. I saw it. I dated a girl called Violet. She was beautiful and Harry was jealous. He tried everything to break us apart but nothing would work so he killed her."

I'm still shocked. I still can't believe Harry did that. Fear grew towards him. How am I supposed to be around him? Chase arrived at my house and parked in the driveway.

"See you tomorrow yeah?"

I nodded not being able to say anything.

"See yah." 

I got out of Chase's car and walked inside. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw 12 missed calls from Harry. I chucked my phone on the couch and ran up to my room. I turned the light on to my room and let out a scream when I saw Harry sitting on my bed.

"Ally. Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Harry got off my bed and walked towards me.

"No. Stay there. Don't come closer."

"Ally what did Chase tell you?"

"Enough for me to know what you did to Violet."

"I didn't do anything to Violet."

"Bull. Chase told me what you did."

"And you believe him? C'mon Ally you know me."

"I don't know if I do."

"Why are you believing Chase? He is lying to you."

"How can I believe you Harry? I need to know why Chase is lying if he is. Whats going on?"

"I wish I could tell you."

"Then tell me."

Harry looked at the ground. 

"Leave." I said stubbornly.

"Why? Ally you should know me."

"Just leave. Don't call me either."

"Ally don't do th-"

"Just go. I don't want to see you."

Harry stepped back and started to walk away. When then front door closed I fell on my knees and burst into tears.


Harry's P.O.V

I ran up Ally's street to get into my car. I hopped into the drivers seat.

"Hello Harry." 

I jumped and looked at the back on the car and by my surprise Chase was sitting there.

"What the fuck have you said to Ally?"

"Nice to see you too old friend."

"Cut the shit. What have you said to Ally?"

"The truth with my twist to it."

"Your twist was telling her that I killed Violet."

Anger grew throughout me. I was so close to beating Chase up but I decided against it.

"You see Harry. I told you that when I get put of Jail I will take everything you love away from you. I wasn't lying. In a couple of days my plan will be complete and you will be broken."

"You better not touch Ally."

"I'm not going to Promise anything if I will break it in the end."

"Please. Just leave Ally alone. Kill me. Just let her live happily okay she hasn't done anything wrong."

"But Harry she has."

"What has she done?"

"Made you Happy."

When Chase finished his sentence he got out of the car. I looked over at him. 

"Your plan is going to fail." I yelled out.

Chase let out a laugh and walked away.



(A/N So here is another Chapter :D Hahah I updated early this time... :D Its because I'mm off school with a cold and there is nothing do to so I thought I would try write another chapter :) I apologise that this chapter isn't that good... Anyways I hope you guys are liking this! I'M SO CLOSE TO 100 FAVOURITES! Okay its really cool and I can't thank you guys enough! It may not seem like a lot but it is for me!!!!!!!! Okay love you guys <3 remember to like, favourite and fan :D xoxoxox Okay byeeeeeeeee)

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