You're the jerk I used to know

"But mom Harry is a jerk, he hates everyone and I know you don't like him so why did you invite him and his mother?" Allyson asks her mom.
"Harry is your friend and me and Anne are good friends. We have been meaning to have a catch up now when they get here please promise to be nice." Her mom replied.
"I'm not promising anything." Allyson said running up the stairs.
The Styles have always been a family friend of the Martina's. When Harry and Allyson were little they used to be the best of friends then when they started getting older Harry started changing he started getting tattoos and piercings and he turned into a total jerk. When the Styles announce that they are staying in the neighbor hood Allyson assumes that Harry is going to ruin her life...


21. Chapter 21.

Harry's P.O.V

"Mom we are just friends." I snapped.

My mom has been bugging me for the last hour about me and Ally.

"She's a good influence on you, and I can see the way you guys look at each other. You guys are just too blind to see it."

With that my mom walked off leaving me in my thoughts. How would my mom know the way we look at each other? She hasn't seen me and Ally together in weeks. I decided to call Ally to see what she's doing. By the second ring she answered.

"Hey." She sang into the speaker.

"Hey Ally." I replied.

Before I could say anything else I could hear Ally and someone whisper.

"Is that him?" An unfamiliar voice whispered.

"Yes. Now shhhh." Ally whispered back.

"Put it on speaker." The voice said. I'm guessing this is Ally's friend.

"No." Ally spoke up.

I couldn't help but laugh at what was happening. I heard Ally and her friend fighting over something then suddenly the unfamiliar voice started to talk into the phone.

"Hello. Are you still there?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm still here."

"Good. Are you doing anything?" 

"Give me my phone back." Ally whispered loud enough so I could hear.

I chucked at Ally.

"Better give Ally her phone back." I laughed.

"I will just not yet. So are you doing anything?"


"Good. Meet me and Ally at the beach."

"Uh. Not the beach... How about the park or something?"

"Why not the beach?" 

I could tell that she was asking me and Ally.

"Just some things have happened there." Ally spoke up.

"Okay then... Meet at the park opposite the ice cream shop."


"Now. See you soon. Bye." Ally's friend hung up instantly.

I put my phone in my pocket and walked out of the house to go see Ally and her friend.

"Was that Ally?" My mom asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Uh yeah." I muttered.

"You're going to meet her?"

"And her friend."

My mom muttered something under her breath so I couldn't hear it.

"What did you say?" I calmly asked.

"Oh nothing dear. Just run along." 

I nodded not wanting to know what she said. As I got outside I walked over to my car and tried to start it.

"Fuck" I muttered.

The battery is dead. I hit the steering wheel once before getting out of my car. 




As I walked closer to the park I could see Ally and her friend. I could tell that they we're arguing about something. When I touched the grass Ally looked away from her friend and we looked into each other's eyes. We held our gaze for a few minutes until she looked away to look at her friend. I shoved my hands in my jean pockets and walked up to them.

"Hey." I said as I approached them.

"Hi. Uh Siena this is Harry. Harry this is Siena." Ally said awkwardly.

"Hi. It's nice to finally meet you." Siena squealed.


"Yeah finally. Ally has told me so much about you."

I looked at Ally and smirked at her. She held her head in her hands and shook her head.

"Aw is Ally getting embarrassed?" I said teasing Ally."

"No." Ally protested looking straight at me.

Her face was bright red. I couldn't help but chuckle at her. She's so cute when she's mad.

"Ally lighten up." Siena said. 

Ally rolled her eyes and looked at the ground.

"Now can we get some ice cream?" Siena begged.

"Fine." Ally grunted. 

It's obvious she's annoyed at Siena.


Ally's P.O.V

"What ice cream shall I get you guys?" The lady at the counter asked.

"A double scoop of cherry ripple." Siena said clapping her hands. 

The lady made Siena's ice cream and when Siena got it she almost squealed.

"And for you two?" The lady looked at me and Harry.

"Uh… One scoop of chocolate please."     I said.

"One scoop Vanilla." Harry said.

The lady nodded and made our ice creams.

"I'll pay." Harry said running to the counter before I could make it.

Before I could protest he gave the lady the cash. I took a lick of my ice cream and walked out of the store. 

"Thank you Harry." I said smiling.

"Anytime babe." 

When Harry said Babe he sent me a wink I couldn't help but blush. As my cheeks got red I looked at the ground. When we continued walking I suddenly realised that Siena wasn't with us.

"Where's Siena?" I asked Harry.

"Wasn't she just behind us?"

"Yeah. But where did she go now?"

Me and Harry just looked around and she was no where to be seen. 

"Siena." I yelled.

Just before I was going to yell again Siena ran through a crowd of people towards us.

"Sorry I just saw Chase and he wanted to talk to me. About you actually." Siena said pointing to me.

"Me? Chase was talking to you about me?" 

Chase Anderson was my high school crush that I never had a chance with.

"Yeah he was. He asked for your number and I gave it to him if you don't mind." Siena smiled.

"Who's this Chase guy?" Harry asked.

I forgot he was there. I looked at him. His eyes were dark. I started to get a bit scared.

"He was Ally's high school crush." Siena chirped.

Harry started to scare me. His eyes were getting darker every second. His fists clenched.

"Harry?" I asked.

He stood there frozen.

"Harry!" I screamed.

Harry turned to me in an instant which made me jump. I backed away a few feet before our eyes made contact. As he was looking at me his eyes got lighter and he unfroze.

"I think we should go…" Siena said awkwardly.

I nodded and we all walked off.


(A/N Thank you guys for reading!!! Sorry for not updating but homework has been piling up! I hope y'all enjoying and yaaaaah :) Okay well I have to go goodbye guys love you <3 Remember to like and favourite xoxox)

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