You're the jerk I used to know

"But mom Harry is a jerk, he hates everyone and I know you don't like him so why did you invite him and his mother?" Allyson asks her mom.
"Harry is your friend and me and Anne are good friends. We have been meaning to have a catch up now when they get here please promise to be nice." Her mom replied.
"I'm not promising anything." Allyson said running up the stairs.
The Styles have always been a family friend of the Martina's. When Harry and Allyson were little they used to be the best of friends then when they started getting older Harry started changing he started getting tattoos and piercings and he turned into a total jerk. When the Styles announce that they are staying in the neighbor hood Allyson assumes that Harry is going to ruin her life...


20. Chapter 20.

Allyson's P.O.V

"When are you going to get back?" I asked my mom.

"In a few days. Sorry for just leaving like that."

"Yeah it's fine see you soon." I said hanging up.

I chucked my phone on the couch. My mom just left me to go to London for a work trip and didn't tell me. As I was about to go upstairs my phone rang. I quickly ran over to the couch and answered my phone.


"Allyson hey." Harry said.

I could tell that he was smirking.

"It's Ally."

"Whatever. Can you come over and help me with something?"

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I'm meeting up with my friend."

"Oh yeah. That Siena girl."

"That's her."

"Can you just come over for a few minutes. I won't make you stay if you have to go."

I sighed and gave in.

"Fine. I'll be over in a few." 

"Great. Make sure you wear old clothes." 

With those words Harry hung up. I ran upstairs and got dressed into some old clothes and then headed to Harry's. When I pulled into Harry's driveway I took in a deep breath and walked to his door and knocked.

"You made it. I thought you would have bailed." Harry said smiling.

"And why do you think that?" I smirked.

Harry shrugged and started to head upstairs.

"So what do you need help with?" 

"I need help painting my room."

"You want me to help paint your room?"

"Yeah. Your mom told me that you are good at painting."

"She's lying. But fine. Lets get started."

I took off my jacket and chucked it into the corner of the room. 

"Do you have a hair tie? I didn't bring one." I asked hoping he has one.

"What do you think? I'm a guy."

"Oh really? I thought you were a girl."

I turned around and left his room.

"Where are you going?"

"Looking for a hair tie." 

I walked around the house looking for a hair tie but I couldn't find one. When I got back upstairs I could see Harry leaning on his door frame holding a hair tie.

"Can I please have it." I said walking up to him.


Harry threw the hair tie at me.

"Wow." I said.


"I thought you would have ran off with the hair tie."

"Nope. Why would you think that?"

"Because your Harry."


"C'mon lets get to work." 

I tied my hair up and grabbed a paint brush. Harry's wall was a light blue colour and now we are painting it a nice creme colour.

"Why do you want to re paint your wall?"

"I don't like blue."

"I think blue is a pretty colour."

"I don't like pretty colours." 

"Of course you don't."

Harry chuckled. I looked down at the paint and back at Harry. I dipped my paint brush in the paint and painted a streak of white paint down his black shirt.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Sorry. My paint brush slipped."

"Oh really."

Harry dipped his brush in the paint and threw his brush at me.

The paint landed in my hair, face and clothes. Harry started laughing and he didn't notice me scoop a whole lot of paint in my hands. I dropped the paint on his head and started to massage it in. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up. 

"Harry put me down."

When I was upside down Harry got his brush and put it into the paint. He then started to paint my hair. My arms were free so I grabbed the paint brush out of his hand and painted his face. He put me down and then backed away.

"You don't mess with me." I smirked.

When I started to run at him I tripped up on the blanket and I fell on top of Harry.

"I'm so so sorry." I said.

"It's fine." 

Our eyes locked. We were inches away from kissing. 

"I better go." I said quickly getting off him and grabbing my jumper.

"You don't have to go."

"But I have to. I'm meeting my friend remember."

"Oh that's right. Well I see you again soon yeah?"

"Defiantly." I walked out of his room and left his house. I hopped in the car and checked my phone. 5 Missed Calls and 7 Text Messages. All from Siena. I called Siena and she answered almost instantly.

"Where are you?" Siena asked frantically.

"I was just helping a friend out. Where about's are you?"

"I'm at your house. Hurry up and get here."

Siena hung up and I laughed. I backed out of Harry's driveway and headed back to my house. When I got back. Siena's car was in the driveway and she was sitting on my doorstep. I got out of my car and walked over to her.

"There you are." Siena said.

She was about to hug me but stopped herself.

"What happened to you?"

"Uh... I helped a friend paint his wall."

"His? Oooooo. Has Ally got a boyfriend?" Siena kept raising her eyebrows and nudging me.

"No. He's just a friend."

"So who is this friend of yours." 

Siena kept shooting questions at me like 'is he hot?' 'do you like him?' 'Is he american?'. I just laughed at her and continued walking.

"Please answer my questions." Siena begged.

"I will after I have a shower okay?"

"Okay hurry up." 

Siena shoved me in my bathroom and chucked me some clothes.

"Be fast okay."

I rolled my eyes and closed the door. Once my shower was done and all the paint was out of my hair. I dried myself and got dressed. When I took one step put of the bathroom Siena pulled my arm and made me sit on the bed.

"Spill." She demanded.

"Okay well ask me questions and i'll answer them." 

"Oh and wait till I have answered one question before you ask another one." I butted in.

When Siena asked me questions about Harry I answered them. But I couldn't help but think 'what if I kissed him before I left'.


(A/N Hello lovelies :) Here's an update :D Sorry it took me so long to update again I just couldn't get this chapter right. But I think this is alright now :) I hope you all are enjoying this book. School sucks :( I am back in it and I already have loads of homework right now. I will be updating when I can! So I hope y'all like this book. Please Like and Favourite and become a fan of me :) Okay thanks guys love you xoxox)




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