Marty thought that razors were only for shaving. Until now.


3. Chapter 3

"Marty, just be careful for the next 2 weeks, okay?" Madelyn asked as she was leaving.

"I'll be fine, now go" I told her.

She gave me a hug, then the rest of them left. As Daniel's car was pulling out of the drive, I felt a warm tear roll down my cheek. I can't believe I wont see Maddy for 2 whole weeks.

I sighed, and grabbed my bag, off to school it is. Today is tuesday, and my week in hell is only just getting started.

"Right, class, role time" the teacher called out.

As soon as she said that, about 10 paper balls were thrown my way.

After calling out some kids, it came to my name.

"Farty pants" the teacher called out.

I replied with a "here" and the class burst into laughter.

The teacher started handing out worksheets for people to do, but she didn't give me one. I put my hand up, and the teacher stood in front of my desk.

"Oh, what do you want now?!" The teacher yelled.

"You didn't give me one" I murmured.

"I really don't care" the teacher said, as she banged a sheet onto my desk.

I pulled a pen out of my bag, and started working. The period was maths, so I finished the sheet easily.

"Miss I'm done" I said putting my hand up.

She walked over to my desk, and picked up my sheet.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong. God, Farty you got them all wrong, you should be ashamed in yourself, you got them all wrong."

I knew she was lying, because I knew all the answers, and she was doing what she did every maths lesson I had.

The teacher tore up the paper in front of my face, and threw them at my face.

"Now get out of my classroom!" She yelled.

I stood up silently, gathered my things, and exited the class.

"Haha, you orphan pig!" Clarissa yelled.

On my way out, Kristen stuck his foot out, and I accidentally tripped over his foot.

The whole class erupted in laughter, as I got back up and left.

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