Marty thought that razors were only for shaving. Until now.


2. Chapter 2

I raced up the stairs, not caring if Katie heard me. I slammed my bedroom door shut, and sunk down onto my bed.

My so called "family" absolutely hate me. I have 2 older brothers, and 2 older sisters. My sisters are Cathleen, who is 14, and Madelyn, who is 18. My older brothers are twins, their names are Jack and Philip, and they're 16. I am the youngest in the family, but I was born to a different dad, whom passed away while my mother, Katie, was still pregnant. The other's father, Daniel, is an absolute ass hole, he thinks that since I'm not his son, he has a right to treat me like shit. Madelyn is the only one in the family that actually cares about me. She helps me with bullies, she lets me us her make up to cover black eyes.

"Oi, shit brain, dinners ready" Cathleen told me.

I sighed and stood up, this is probably the worst part of my day, dinner with all 7 of us at a table.

"So guys, I brought the 6 of us tickets for a 2 week cruise" Daniel beamed.

"Thats great, when do we leave?" Jack asked.

"Tomorrow" Daniel replied.

He's done it this time, every year Daniel buys the 6 of them tickets for something. This time, he decided to go all out.

"What about me, you can't just leave me here for 6 months" I asked.

"Go die in a hole, shit brain" Philip snickered.

I stood up and ran off to my room.

"Look what you've done now Philip" I heard Madelyn yell.

"Its not our fault he was a fucking mistake" I heard Katie yell.

Nice to know the woman who gave birth to you thinks you're a mistake.

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