Marty thought that razors were only for shaving. Until now.


1. Chapter 1

"Can I please borrow your headphones?" 

"No, buy your own. Peasant" Clarissa sniggered. 

I sighed, and leaned back into my chair. 

"FARTYS GOT AIDS!" Kristen yelled. 


My name is Martin, but my family call me Marty, thats where I got the name "Farty" from. I am 13 years old, I have ginger hair, green eyes and WAY too many freckles.  My skin is the whitest you can get, and is impossible to tan. I can't tan, because I was born in Ireland, and moved to Australia 2 months ago. Ever since I started school 6 weeks ago, I have been constantly teased, beaten up and insulted by students, staff, teachers, and even the prinipal. My worst bullies are Clarissa and Kristen, they are dating, and think they rule the world. 


"Class settle down, Farty, get out of the class, you're making it stink" the teacher ordered. 

See what I mean? 


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