Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


10. Tears and Memories

Marcel's P.O.V.

As soon as I  was sure that Harry was asleep, I bursted into tears.

She might never wake up! We've been through everything together! She can't die!

She helped me when Josh Simmings was bullying me........


"Hey nerd did you go to the party last night?" Josh asked me as I was getting my things together for science class.

"Um, no." I stated bluntly.

"AW why not? Were you to scared that you were going to get pushed around by the big kids?" he said in a childish voice. Then he jutted out his lip in a pout.

"Answer me." he said in a warning tone and shoved my shoulder.

"No, I was spending it with your girlfriend." I said, thinking that that was a pretty good comeback. It did get a couple ooohhhh's from the crowd that I hadn't realized formed around us.

"You think that was funny!?" he said.

Then he shoved my books to the ground. After that, he pushed me to the ground and kicked me in the gut.


The crowd was now chanting FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Where were all the teachers?

"STOP!" a voice shouted. I looked over and saw Jessie running towards me.

"What's wrong with you!?" she shouted at Josh.

"Oh, ok, I see how it is! Your girlfriend is going to stand up to you because your to scared to! Ha, pathetic!" he said and spat on both of us and walked away.

I just picked up my books and walked away, not even acknowledging Jessie. And I  ignored her for the rest of the week.

*Present day*

 I'm still mad at myself for ignoring her, she didn't deserve that, she was only trying to help, and she did.

And I remember the time when we were in sixth grade at a pool party.....


"Aw, man you know I can't swim!" I said to my best mate Johnny.

I was at his 12th birthday party, both of us looked pretty ratchet at that age and didn't have many friends, so only me and Jessie were there.

"Dude just jump in if you drown I will call 911!" Johnny said with a hardy laugh.

I really was starting to get annoyed with him at this point, he knows that I can't swim and it stinks that we are getting in a fight over it!

"But I can't swim!" I insisted, my smile fading.

"Dude, it's not that hard!" he said, his smile now gone too.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jessie's head perk up at the sudden yelling, her intently watching the drama.

"Why did you even come to a pool party if you weren't going to swim?" he said sternly.

"Because you are my best mate and it's your birthday party that's why I came!" I yelled.

Usually we weren't this immature. It's probably the cake, yeah, we probably ate to much cake.

"Well you shouldn't have come if you weren't going to have fun!" he shouted.

Then everything happened in slow motion.

I felt a sudden pressure on my chest, then I realized that Johnny had pushed me. I looked over and saw Jessie running towards us. Then, I felt cold all around my body, and it felt like I was sinking in zero gravity. It burned when I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I saw bubbles all around me and everything was blurry. Then it registered in my mind that I was in the pool. Not knowing what to do I started panicking, flailing my arms and legs in every direction trying to get to the surface for the breath that I desperately needed.

Then I gave up, coming to the realization that I was going to die in that pool. I had already let out all the breath that I was holding. I looked up to the top of the pool seeing the bright sun mix the cool water. It was so....... peaceful. There was no other word to describe it, just peaceful.

Then a figure was blocking it, it looked like a person. I immediately became annoyed with the silhouette blocking my view. Can't just move? It is disturbing me!

Then the figure looked like it was coming towards me. Is it an angel!? Wait, the figure looked strangely familiar.... Then something grabbed my arm and yanked and pulled.

Then suddenly the peacefulness was gone, the coldness of the water was gone, the pain in my lungs was still there, but now I could prevent it. But I couldn't breath, the liquid was in my lungs! That doesn't belong there!

Then there was pressure on my chest and air entering my mouth. Was someone breathing in me? Then the numbness was gone, and I felt lips collide with mine. Was someone kissing me? Then I felt the feeling of air in my mouth again. Wait, no.... someone was giving me CPR! I'm alive and I can breath on my own!

I pushed whoever it was off of me and took a sharp intake of air and a series of coughing fits.

When I was able to breath properly, I opened my eyes to see a worried looking Jessie hovering over my face. I rubbed my head. Ow, my head was throbbing. I looked around, why was everyone staring at me? Then the events came flooding back to my head, but the only thing that I could manage to choke out was "What happened?"

"Oh my gosh!" Jessie screeched and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Then the miniature crowd that was around us started darting questions at me.

"Are you ok?" they all asked.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I mumbled quietly.

Then the day went on like a kid didn't almost die.

*Present Day*

I couldn't help but let a few tears escape at the memory.

I also remember when she helped me when my parents got divorced.......


"But Jessie it's like they don't even care what I have to say about it! They act like it doesn't even effect my life at all!" I sobbed to Jessie.

I knew that she had it a lot harder than me, but I had to vent to someone.

"But Marcel," she began cautiously, "This is their lives to. To be honest, you are acting kind of selfish."

When I didn't answer, she continued.

"Think of it from there point of view, Marcel." she said. "They didn't love each other. And if they didn't get divorced they would have to spend the rest of their life with someone they didn't even love. Therefore, ruining the rest of their lives"

"Think of all the thing that could've gone wrong if they hadn't gotten divorced." she said. "They could've cheated on each other, they could've gotten in a big fight, etc. Think about how it was effecting their lives. And I know that this is hard for you but at least you still get to see them both..." she trailed off.

I knew that Jessie was right. Plus she made me realize that I have been complaining about my parents divorcing to a girl that doesn't even have a mom and an abusive dad. I cant believe I was being so inconsiderate. Besides, why should my parents' entire lives revolve around me? Then she was right again about the whole me-still-getting-to-see-my-parents thing.

After a long silence, I was finally able to choke out, " I am being selfish. Thank you for helping me realize that. You were right."

"Pssh, aren't I always?" she said.

I opened my mouth to say 'no' when a soft hand clamped down on my mouth.

"Don't. Answer that." she said slowly.

I laughed and hugged her. What would I do without this girl?

*Present Day*

I was really tired at this point. What time was it? 12:30 pm. Well then I probably need to call my mom considering I randomly ran out of the house in a panic.

I dug my phone out of my pocket. 17 missed calls from mom. Crap.

I clicked her contact and started calling her. Ring. Ring. Ri- "MARCEL ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU CAN'T RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE ALL WILLY NILLY I NEED TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING! WHERE THE CRAP ARE YOU!?" she shouted as soon as I picked up.

"I'm with Jessie at the hospital." I said quickly.

"Are you hurt!?" she yelled in a panicked voice.

"I'm fine, but Jessie got hit by a car and is in a coma." I said.

I really wasn't in the mood for long explanations.

"I'm on my way."

"Would you bring me some clothes and my hair brush and my tooth brush?"

"Um, sure, I guess, why?" she asked.

"I think I'm going to be here a while. And when you come in, be quiet, Harry's asleep. I'll fill you in when you get here, the room is 143." I said.

"Ok, I'll see you when I get there. Bye." she said more calmly than at the beginning of the conversation.

"Ok bye Mom."

Then I hung up and leaned my head on the back of the cushiony chair. I think I dozed off a bit to.

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