Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


7. School

-+Then I started walking to school.

My backpack was very heavy due to the clothes, books, food, and water.

By the time I got to school, my legs were aching and my shoulders were getting sore due to lugging the giant backpack on them.

I took a deep breath and walked into school. (A.K.A. prison for innocent teenagers.)

When I got in I was immediately blown away from all the noise.

I walked to my locker, trying desperately to not be noticed.

"Oh look! The dork finally decided to join us!" I heard a squeaky, annoying voice say.

Sherry Smith and her little posse was walking over to me. Well this was just perfect! I closed my locker and turned around to look at the she-devil.

I wasn't surprised to see the usual Jersey shore look on her.

She had a fake spray on tan that made her look like an orange and lipstick that looked as if it belonged to Taylor Swift. She had three tons of blush on and actually had pretty brown hair until the ends where she had highlighted them, hmmm, lets see if I can name all the colors, blue, red, blonde, and 'natural' red. Her shorts came about two centimeters below her bum, and she had the usual 'way to tight to be healthy' tank top.

"Gross, what did you do get run over by a train or something? Oh yeah. That's how you normally look." she said and then her and her gang giggled.

Except for one girl in the back..... Who was she?

"Aren't you going to say something you little twit? Or are we going to make you?" Sherry threatened.

I knew that if I didn't say something then things were going to get bad.

"Yeah this is how I normally look. I don't normally try to get foul language said about me behind my back unlike you." I snapped.

What is happening? I have never built up that much courage.

I glanced to the girl in the back of her gang. She was smiling at me.

"What is that supposed to mean?" she said.

There was a small crowd around us now. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Marcel. He must have already done the table business. He looked proud if me. He knew I was always to shy to stand up to this girl.

"Oh can your tiny little brain not process that? Let me simplify it. I don't dress like I'm going to a strip club every day." I said slowly.

"At least- at-at least. Ugh!" She said and then slapped my books out of my hand and stomped away.

You might have expected the crowd to burst into applause. But no. Some of them just walked away. Some muttered some unkind words to me under their breath. Some just glared.

"Congrats!" Marcel said as I finished

"I hope today gets better." I grumbled.

"Yeah today has been a pretty sucky day so far for you." Marcel laughed.

"Oh yeah maybe I'll meet One Direction." I joked.

"Y-you like One Direction?" Marcel asked.

"yeeeeaaaaahhh." I said slowly.

Then Marcel snapped out of it and said "Oh, no reason."

That was weird.

The day went on as normal until I got on the bus.

"Mr. Norway I'm getting off at a different stop today." I said.

I couldn't get of at my house because then I  wouldn't have the chance to runaway.

"Is it on my route." He said irritably.

"Yes sir, it is, here is the address." I said and then handed the slip of paper.

"Do you have a note from a parent or guardian?" He said like a well- rehearsed speech.

"Yes sir, here." I said and handed him the note I wrote.

"Ok go to your seat." he grumbled.

Then I quietly went to my seat.

I was getting off three blocks away. Then I would go to a local park and sort out the rest of my plan. As you can probably tell, I haven't really had time to plan.

I was thinking about what my dad will think when I didn't get home in time when I got hit up side the head.

"Hey emo freak its your stop!" a boy said from the seat behind me.

I got up quietly and walked out.

I waited until the bus was out of sight and started heading toward the park.

The streets weren't all that busy so I crossed the road without looking.

I heard a loud honk from a car and a screeching noise.

I turned to look and all I saw was the side of the car coming in contact with my body. I tried to open my eyes and saw my blood all over the pavement.

Then all heard was "Call an ambulance!" and head full of brown, wavy hair before the entire world spun around and went black.

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