Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


4. Quick Thinking

What will he think when he wakes up?



What am I going to do? Well since he won't remember it I guess that's better.

I'll just carry him over to the couch.

Yeah, right. Voice said.

Oh, yay, Voice is back. (Note the sarcasm.)

He weighs almost 300 pounds, you know he's not the skinniest of the bunch. I need help.

I decided to call my one and only friend, Marcel.

Marcel and I have a lot in common. We are both bullied. We both are nerds. We are both going through some sort of depression. Marcel is going through depression from bullies.

We help each other with everything. From something simple, like homework, to things like depression. We are both slowly getting out of our depression with the help of each other.

The point is, I don't know what I would do without Marcel. We've been best friends since fifth grade.

Now the challenge is finding my phone since my dad took it away from me when I got grounded.

Ok where would he keep it?

I decided to check in the most obvious places first.

I checked in his nightstand first. No, no phone. Then I checked in all his drawers. no, no phone. I checked under his bed, under his nightstand, under his dresser, in his closet, everywhere. No phone.

Then I decided to check the living room. I checked under the couch cushions, no phone. I checked under the chair cushion. No phone. I checked under the T.V. stand, in the entertainment center, behind the curtains, under the lamp, under the tables, under the couch, under the chair, you guessed it, no phone.

Then I decided to check in the kitchen. I checked in all the cabinets and drawers, even in the fridge, and yet again, no phone.

Dang he's good.

As I was walking out of the kitchen, I glanced at my passed out dad.

That's when I noticed a slight bulge in both his pockets.

I checked the first pocket, and there was my phone! But it was dead. Of course.

Then I checked his other pocket. There was his phone!

I quickly dialed Marcel's number.

No answer. Great, just great.

I guess I'm walking to Marcel's house. It's really not that far, he lives in my neighborhood.

I slipped on my hoodie and some jeans and ran to Marcel's house. Good thing they always keep their porch light on at night or I would never be able to find his house in the dark.

When I got their, I knocked on his door loudly.

When the door opened, a sleepy Marcel was standing in front of me.

"Jessie?" he said in his groggy morning voice.

"Marcel! I need your help!"

"Jessie, I know that you like to wait last minute for everything, but the homework really isn't that hard. Why didn't you just call?"

"I really need your help, and fast I'll explain everything when we get to my house."

"Ok just let me leave my mom a note."

"There's no time just come on!"

"Fine." he said.

"We have to run." I said. Then we started running to my house together.

When we got to my house he immediately noticed my dad on the broken table.

"WHAT HAPPENED!? Are you ok!?" he said and immediately started checking my arms and face for injuries.

"I'm fine." I said and pulled my arm away from him.

"Well what happened?" he said obviously impatient.

I explained the whole night, well leaving out the part about me running away.

"He tried to punch you?" Marcel asked. He knew about my dad.

"Yeah but he missed." I said quickly. I didn't need Marcel worrying about me.

Marcel just shook his head in disapproval.

"Anyways what's your plan?" Marcel asked.

"I thought that maybe we could carry my dad over to the couch and make it looked like nothing happened."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked.

"Um, I don't know, am I?" I questioned.

"What about the dining room table?" he asked.

"Oh yeah."

We both thought for a minute.

"My dining room table is the same as yours so I can just go home get my table and replace it with yours." he said.

"But what about you, you won't have a dining room table then." I said.

"I can take the broken table back to my house and tell my mom a story of how it 'accidently'

got broken."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Of course." he said.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your the best best friend ever in the whole world!" I exclaimed.

I heard him giggle at my childness.

I was so happy! I was gonna get away with playing a prank on my dad without consequences! Woohoo!

"I'll go get the table, load it on my truck and bring it here."

"Be careful." I said. Then he left.







Author's note: Hello my flying turtles! OK maybe not in the next couple of chapters but 1D will  be in this book! Bye bye flying turtles!




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